False Positive For Drug Test On Cocaine From Lidocaine

linda Says:

I volunteered for a pea test just like normal 4 yrs ago,and my dr. called me and said I was positive for slight trace of cocaine,he asked how long does it stay in your system and I didn't know cause I don't use cocaine at all,i said a day,i didn't know I been off pain meds for 4 yrs and now cant walk with severe pain,i had peaded clean for 15 yrs,since disabled,how do I clear my name,i only take a 5 milagram hydacodone once a day and back then I was on 10 milagram twice a day,now im being refused for tumor surgery and a back needle which kills the nerves,im also being neglected of pain pills all together,but I volunteered for my pea test like useal and I want my name cleared,i have not used since I was 18 and em against drugs,due to I hit my dealth bed back then,1 more day the dr.said I would have been dead.im not a drug addict,and I cant even go to church any more,also cant get home health due to a waiting list so I just have to sffer and smoke cigars all day,stressed and cant move,do I get punished for ever,i even told the dr.to send me for blood work but he didn't,so I don't know what happened and now im black listed in newhampshire,the last 3 months he gave me 12 one month and 20 the next 2 months,i made them last 1 per day,not every 3 or 4 days cause I don't need that many,my tolerance is wickard low,and im so tired of being called a drug addict,i have not peaded dirty since then and volunteered them to take all the blood they want and call me in when ever they want,but no,this month nothing,and I would rather be dead then put up with no life and cant go no where,plz help me clear my name.its not right to make me suffer

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Ryan Says:

I have been batteling for rights to see my daughter for 3 years. When my ex wife and I got divorced I did smoke pot and taking methadone due to a past drug addiction from opiates. I have not used any opiates for over 6 years and quite smoking pot over 1 year 8 months ago. I due take alprazolam, albuteral for asthma, testoerone cream called androgel, and sometimes use lidocaine patches for a pinched ciatic nerve damage I suffered in wrestling 20 yrs ago. I have never failed a urine test but in October of 2013 was subject to a 5 panel hair follicle test and it came back as failed with a level of 220 of cocaine which I do not use. I retook the hair follicle test 1 month later and again came back positive with a reading even slightly higher of 250. I have gone to my local physician, called labs, and talked to anyone who would listen and have not been able to figure out how this is possible. I was told from my physician that the percribed drugs I take could not have been the reason for false positive but I have heard that lidocaine can be the reason. I also did some research and read things such as green tea or eye drops can cause small readings of false positives. I am so desperate to get my daughter back I have stopped using those as well as lidocaine patches. I also read there is a such thing a a test called gas chromatography that can give you a detailed breakdown on your body chemistry. Due to the positive reading I have been subject to paid supervised visitsnplus hiring a parent consultant which in the last year has cost me over $10,000, plus all the court costs and lawyer fees which I wont even go into.. I am completely heartbroken for I was a stay home father for over 3 years until our divorce. I have done everything I have been ordered to and each time I finish what was required I am subject to more regulations and denied unsupervised visits. I am at my lowest point and in great need of assistance with this matter for it has left me in a huge financial whole but even worse I see my lovely daughter 1 day a week for 5 hours at a time supervised which limits much what we used to do and costs me each visit $180. Can anyone help me or am I stuck with these unjust rules that continue to change as each time I complete a stage required. Please help me so I can give my daughter back her father which is the true loss in all this craziness...

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Nevada Nannie Says:

I know it's late but I just read your post and my heart goes out to you. What state are you in? I had a similar situation, lasted a year and a half, and out of it, I found an amazing group of women, dedicated AFTER MY STORY, to helping those
Fighting for their children, but forced into supervised visitation THEY CAN NOT AFFORD. So WE, them and me, now do it through the courts, paid by those who can, and GIVEN to those who can't. I hope your situation has improved. My heart goes out to you!

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Mel Says:

This is happening more & more. Im suffering like a dog. Animals are being treated better than humans. I dont use illegal drugs and or abuse pain medication. Now i suffer with so much pain every day. Is there any help out there for us? Why should we have to suffer like this? What can be done? Thats what i want to know. There are people out there using alcohol & or marijuana because doctors stop pain meds due to false results. WHAT CAN BE DONE. IM AT THE END OF MY ROPE. I'm too young to not have a life anymore.

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Sunny Says:

,.I tested positive on urine test for cocain. I never used the drug.I offered to go for hair sample.My doctors office won't even return my call. So now I'm carring this to my grave...really does it stay with you for life. I was told to get a lawyer...

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Mary Says:

I tested positive on my urine test for cocaine and I've never seen cocaine in my life of living 52 yrs. So I paid to have a hair follicle test and it came up positive too.. What could cause this when I've never been around it.. I need some answers.. I spent my money to prove it and it still came up positive.

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Mark Says:

You need to demand a Gas chromatography drug test, as those are the only reliable drug tests now, unfortunately.... but they show the metabolites of any substance in your system. You're welcome to google the test, but you'll find that i told you everything you'll find online lol. My doctor drug tests me at every appointment, and all of them are Gas Chromatography and he could tell me if i took a xanax or a valium from differing metabolites. That WILL clear your name :) happy to help.

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Certified Pharmacy Technician Says:

Hydrocodone will NOT register as cocaine. If anything, it may register as heroin, because it is an opiate.

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Tony C Says:

The Gas Chromatography test sounds like the best option. Cocaine leaves the body in 2-3 days. Tests look for metabolized substance which takes 6-15 days to be cleared out of your body. But it is only a substance developed after your body processes cocaine. 100% of the budget is spent on how to detect a drug after the longest period of stoppage. Nothing is spent on what other combinations (of food, drugs, metabolic disorders, medical conditions, etc...list could go on for ever...) that could leave the same left over substance in your blood. Reality is medicine is advanced on detecting leftover substances in your body but they have no clue on what other conditions cause the same leftover substance. Only if it is very evident, or discovered by accident, it has been approved as a possible cause for false positives. Like the seeds on a hot dog bun that will show the metabolized substance of marijuana. They have no clue on possibly 100 other specific conditions in combination with specific medications that could metabolize the same leftover substance of any drug. To find that it would take a lot of research, money, trials etc...they have a limited budged and use it how to detect positive tests instead of very rare and very specific false positive result. What happened to the rule that you have to be proven without reasonable doubt? They have reasonable doubt with lack of knowledge but don't acknowledge it. Maybe because everyone would try to use the excuse so they rather ruin a few lives then create a way for millions of guilty users to get away unpunished. I am sure even the above stated test is not good enough to show every false positive. But it is anyone's best chance it seems. If you get lucky with that then You NEED a lawyer who will be able to explain this so that it is possibly considered reasonable doubt. Too many things have to go your way to even have a chance. Sad reality of medicine. It is ever evolving. First a med cures cancer then it gets proven that it enhances most other cancers for example. And those reality examples are in the thousands over the years.

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Sunshine Says:

Re: Sunny (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I was in icu a few months back and the Dr told me I had cocaine in my system. I was at a bonfire and just passed out. My blood pressure dropped to 30 over 40. They told me I was lucky to be alive but I thought cocaine sped you up and would make bp go up, but I had been on those lidoderm patches for awhile and it just hit me the other day. I knew I hadn't had any cocaine. I want to call that Dr now and tell him off because that was embarrassing and it's on my medical records.

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