Fake Gg249
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They just seem chalky taste and they don't work like 2mg xanax do I take one and can one and fall asleep on these i can take as many as i want and feel NOTHING.

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Meeko Says:

I've noticed counterfeit gg249 going around and here are the ways to tell the difference besides the four, because now the Pharma company actavis is actually producing one with that exact 4. If the pill is too fat walk away. Taste of corner of it and chew on it, put it under your tongue. If it doesn't instantly taste like nasty battery acid then it is not Xanax. The counterfeit ones I've seen going around all the way from South Florida to here in Oakland California are hard as a mofo and when you go to break them you got to really really really put some effort into them. The real GG's which I get all the time, come apart like it's nothing and they fall apart like chalk and they taste like absolute ass, so if it ain't that then it ain't Xanax from the Pharma company, it's some street s*** that you're gambling with. I got unlucky with a few of them but lucky I made it out.

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Danman33 Says:

Re: Tatertotsareyummy (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

Dude you don't have to be so damn rude to the poor women,try showing a little compassion..

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Breezy BI Says:

I agree to try to be natural and not take meds during pregnancy. I have been prescribed xanax for over a decade, will go catatonic without it, but when I got pregnant they couldn't prescribe me neither pain killers or xanax, IN THE FIRST TRIMESTER. Again, I believe you should be taking any medicine that can potentially hurt your fetus, but just putting in a fact, that she can still legally take benzos etc, after the first trimester is finished. Again if your pregnant and can get off of everything that may hurt you or the child, just Dont do it.

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Juliana Says:

That is how they affect me as well. I am 54 nd been doing stuff about the same amount of time. Are we twins? LOL

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Tatertotsareyummy Says:

Why would you take any benzodiazepine while pregnant. That's just stupid and very unthoughtful. Unless you have a neurological disorder for seizures, in which case your doctor would give you an anti epileptic instead of a benzodiazepine because those are one of the worst things you can take while pregnant. I know you're not going to read this message because it's five years later input don't take benzodiazepines when your pregnant and don't be a selfish ass to your unborn child. On the other hand the real gg249 have an open four and are the shape of the ones you've gotten every other time. Yes there are very elaborate fakes out there but you can typically tell the difference. I have come across many fakes gg249 and then the real one the real ones have an open for like I said and they do not crumble like they've been someone's pocket all night at a rave. Best of luck

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Lina Says:

All opiate derived drugs have always made me feel speedy. I have used them for many years as a diet pill...I am 53, so needless to say I had been on them for 30+ years. It is the way your body reacts to different meds, they used to keep me up all night organizing stuff and cleaning my house, then I would take more to get me through my work day. No one ever knew I was on any drug, I have the face of an angel with a halo--meaning you would never know by looking at me that I was ever the type to use any type of med, but I swear, if I were to go back on them today, I would be 20 bs. less in one to 1 1/2 weeks. But that is just how my body has always reacted to them. I stopped taking them when I got in new pill what I would get in 6-8 Norcos per day, time released for 12 hours, I wanted something for my pain that had no acetaminophen in them. If I were to go back on them today, (Norcos) I would weigh 25 lbs. less in one month. Thinking of doing it just to get my weight back down until my surgery date comes around. It all depends on how your body uses the pill, some people react oppositely. At least in my case...:)

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xanman Says:

The gg bars online are almost entirety fake. Most of them come from china/india and are shipped in by the hundreds of thousands at a time. If you do take these gg xanax you probably have a one in ten chance AT MOST of it being legit!!!

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friend Says:

I know my pills so I know which markings and shapes are legit. There are clear differences in taste I normally love. Some taste nasty. Does this make them fake? I have some I'll feel and sometimes nothing???

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roxie Says:

Real gg249 tablets should dissolve in your mouth quickly.

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rowdyrambo Says:

Sorry to tell u bro but what u got is melatonin. I got ripped too stay from all eggs they faking the skinny ones too!

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dt Says:

Why are you taking pills anyway. Your pregnant. You should be worried non the less about your choices and brain compacity

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chris Says:

As long as u get that bitter taste it is Xanax.I know all about my nerve pills.let it melt in mouth a lil n u get bitter taste it is good

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jay jay Says:

I have a white gg249 xanax bar, little fatter than any bar I've gotten before, completely smooth on the opposite.side, and the 4 is open at the top. Is this fake or am I safe to consume?

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jackblack Says:

I have a prescription of clonazepam but I only get prescribed 45 2mg a month, he started me out with 60 a month but recently cut me down to 45 and now its not lasting me throughout the month. Can I get more prescribed to me online?

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prego Says:

Im 31 weeks pregnantand took a g249 that i believe can be fake, because I'm not feeling anything. Should i worry about what they made it with? I'm scared

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are they brittle and half the height?

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jon Says:

over chronic use.... opiates can become stimulants to some sort of people. how many skilled trades min concrete workers in heavy labors use bike it in to do in human strength type jobs . an end up hopelessly addicted to opiates. for me looking back maybe it was just the amount of acetaminophen that I was taken with the bike it in but it made me feel like Superman . so glad I finally went and got helping them done with that life .

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concerned citizen Says:

There are ABSOLUTELY fake xanax gg 249 going around in the US. The DEA has even caught up with some of them and if they are the skinny ones then they are likely phenazepam, and not as strong but still a benzodiazepine and not controlled in the US. The fatter ones are just Melatonin. Look on DEA sites. These are FAKE! That is what you get if you order from online phamacies. They are very elaborate fakes, but fakes none the less.

I should add that these just started to show up in the last year or so.

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concerned citizen Says:

There are ABSOLUTELY fake xanax gg 249 going around in the US. The DEA has even caught up with some of them and if they are the skinny ones then they are likely phenazepam, and not as strong but still a benzodiazepine and not controlled in the US. The fatter ones are just Melatonin. Look on DEA sites. These are FAKE! That is what you get if you order from online phamacies. They are very elaborate fakes, but fakes none the less.

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Verwon Says:

Generic medications are allowed, under federal law, in the U.S. to differ from the name brands by as much as plus or minus 20% in the ACTIVE ingredient. The FDA considers this an acceptable therapeutic window, however, for some people on some medications, this does create efficacy issues. A slight variation in dosage, for instance less of the active ingredient, cause the medication to not work as well, because their bodies are used to the dosage they were getting in their previous pills or in the name brand.

Some people also suffer withdrawal effects if the pills they get contain less of the active ingredient.

And, as was mentioned in the other post, the fillers can also have an effect on some people.

That said, these are NOT fake pills, they are the real thing, but if you glance around our forums, you will see there are many people who are having problems with the tablets with this marking and complaining about them, many, like you, have thought they were fakes.

My suggestion would be to contact your pharmacy and see if they can provide you with tablets from a different manufacturer or call around to other pharmacies and see if they carry different ones.

As to ordering online, if you do not have a prescription, then NO, it is NOT legal, because this is a controlled substance.


Do you have any other questions?

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