Evion 400 Vitamin E Capsules For Oral Use

Deepanjan Says:

I am taking Evion 400 green capsules everyday after my last meal. Will it help to grow hair and eliminate black spots on my face? I am diabetic (239 PP). Is there any connection between Vitamine E and diabetes? Please explain evion 400 benefits and uses.

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dinky Says:

my skin is kind of iching when i stop applying night creams for about 3 days. so can you tell me if vitamin capsules are effective for my problem?

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poonam Says:

Dont take 1 capsule each day, because we only need 15 to 19 mg vit e a day. It may cause serious health issue. so consult your dr 1st

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shaan Says:

i have got lots of pimples and acne scars too. I am 17 years old. Please suggest me some steps. Can i take a Evion 400 after each meal or shouldn't I. Or else suggest me some other methods to consume it.

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hira Says:

My har is so thin and so rough.... Can I use evion capusle? .... But I don't want a weight gain... I m 20 years old

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kavita Says:

I am Kavita 30 yr old,I am suffer from hair fall & acne,acne scar plz sugetion me for evion 400 cap.

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Sri Says:

I have severe acne and hair loss. Can I use vitamin E orally as treatment?

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Sameer Says:

Dear Sir, maaa''m Evion 400 vitamimin E is the galatine capsule the soft capsules vegatable or animal fat?? pleas lett me know.
Regards Rashid

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parul verma Says:

I m 32 year old and i m using EVION 400 to 10 days to protect my hairfall. magar use krne se mera hairfall aur bad gaya. SO please sugest me ki ise continue rakhu ki chod du.

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Paro Says:

But green400mg evion store par available nhi kehte hen 200 nd 600 ate hen green me apne kahan se liye

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