Estrogen Methyltestos Ds Tab

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i use d.s.itp estrogen methyltestos. how safe is it? what side effects? estrogen methyltestos is this a safe and a good choice or should i use another manufacture?

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Verwon Says:

All medications carry risks and side effects, regardless of who manufactures them. These will also not change just because it is made by a different company.

With this you may experience: weight gain, headaches and nausea.

Is there anything else I can help you with?

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Mrs PJ Says:

My blood pressure has recently gone up...consistently around 189-198 over 80 or greater. I take Estrogen Methtest, Synthroid, Benicar 40mg...have been having bronco spasms for the last few months so I saw a pulmonary doctor who added Advair, Veramyst and Prilosec. Concerned about blood pressure so high. Searched side effects on meds. I am overwhelmed with info. Do I quit the most recent meds to see if pressure goes down? Saw an major allergies.

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Pat Stephens Says:

What medical reason could be the cause for very cold feet when lying down? Nothing else is cold and its not a problem when up.

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Carol Says:

Has this medication been taken off the market?

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