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What are the side effects of Eptoin 300 ER ?
My Sister was advised to take this in stead of 3 regular Eptoin 100 Mg.
Is there any additional advantage ?

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Verwon Says:

Eptoin contains the active ingredient Phenytoin, it is an anti-epileptic, used to help prevent seizures.

The side effect profile does not change when a dosage is altered, however, taking more at once or raising the dosage may cause them to be more severe for a few weeks, until her body adjusts to the medication.

These may include: nausea, drowsiness, mild skin rash, itching and insomnia.

The advantage to taking the 300mg ER tablet is that it is a time released formulation, so it is specially formulated to work for the entire day, so she gets the control she needs, without having to remember to take multiple pills each day.


Are there any comments or questions?

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Nannu Says:

I had met with an accident in feb 2008... I had undergone a neurosurgery on the same day, where a bone was removed from my skull since it had broken... In june 2008, i had another surgery (cranioplasty) so as to have a bone segment replacing the void in the skull.. Right from my first surgery, i had been consuming eptoin 300mg
(3 x 100mg) as per my doc's treatment..Everything went ok till nov 2009 when, unfortunately, i had a fit (my medicine was reduced from 300mg to 100 mg within a 15 day time since my doc felt that things will go right even after the change..)
Right after that, my medicine was again increased to eptoin 300mg + lobazam 10mg (daily) :(
Most unexpected fit was the one that i had just after about another 2 months period when i had lobazam reduced from 10mg to 5mg.. Then i was back with eptoin 300mg+lobazam 10mg daily...
Things went well till Nov, 2011 when i deliberately reduced my lobazam from 10mg daily to 5mg once in a week and 10mg for the rest 6 days.... even this little change led to a minor fit after 4 months of this schedule... Recently i have been advised to eptoin 300mg ER one pill daily instead of 3x100mg..
I wished to have ur opinion as to whether or not i'll b able to get rid of these medicines...??

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Rahul Says:

Hi I got a fit only once that was in march last year and i head a gamma knife surgery in June last year. Since then i have been taking Eptoin 300 ER daily.
Now i feel completely fine since a long time.
Since i have never missed it for a day i'm just a little scared will anything happen if i miss it for a day? Want to know when should i stop taking this medicine or reduce the dosage like from 300 to 100. And the main side-effects of the medicine.
Started going to gym 2 months back, after almost 2 years gap, feel fine but still scared of lifting weights and hands shiver a little when i do it. Should i start with it?

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Nannu Says:

Now, Rahul... PLEASE do not commit the mistake of reducing your dosage (on ur own) or skipping your medicine even for a single day... Let me tell u that its more important to consume ur dosage than to have a meal.. Skipping may lead to a seizure, falling which u may face even fatal situations.. Its usually a "3-year course" as prescribed by every neurologist/neurosurgeon.. Rest, do as per what ur physician prescribes u to.. I am myself under the treatment, that's why i know all about it... Take care..!!

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Rahul Says:

Thanks a lot Nannu, I'll be careful though i never intended to miss it even for a day or reducing it on my own. In future i'll be careful to consult my physician regarding the dosage.
Take Care!

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mainu Says:

my mother was suffering from neurocysticercosis n she was prescribe eptoin 300mg along with atorlip 20mg bcoz of her high cholesterol,a folvite of 5mg 2times after food...bt though she took her medicine regularly she was not fully well.she feel weakness,sometimes drowsiness,her legs pain n even sweat after some period. Is this the effect of the medicine?plzzz suggest..wat step should be taken.she is also a patient of kidney stone...

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Jai prakash JP Says:

I am taking this medicine from last two years. how long am I supposed to take it

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nikita Says:

My husband is corex addict last 20 years and he is epilepsy patient having eptoin 3.50 mg last 12 years, will you please suggest me there is any medicine to left corex he is 37 yrs old

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guptataru Says:

I am taking eptoin 300 er from 2 months as my neurophision prescribed me. After I started taking eptoin I am gaining weight, am suffering from constipation too. I was suffering from constipation in past too but after starting it it is more instance. Please guide

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Jishu Says:

Hallo doc.please tell me can I do my weight tranning and supplements while useing eptoin 300 1 per day..my doc has prescribe me as I faced a accident...I m using it for 1week...my age is 26..

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somnath Says:

I had brain tumor surgery 21/01/2011. After surgery I had been taking eptoin 300 er up till today. Please suggest if I should continue this medicine or not.

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sachin Says:

Regularly use mobile phone in the duration of taking dosage of eptoin 300 er 300 mg is harmful for me give tha solutions ..some time I'll forget what i have do and what i have to Done..

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sadavrat kumar Says:

Sir my name is sadavrat kumar and my doctor said after seeing mri that you have brain tumour that is pituitary macro adenoma in at least 7 to 8 months ago and he gives me only one medication eptoin 300. ..and now i feel fully fit and fine. ..so I need surgery or not...Please suggest me. ..thank u

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biswe m Says:

I take eltoin for four year ldid not goto doctor since2014 is it time for stop medicine?

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