E22 Pill For Relieving Toothache Pain

Lynn Says:

Well half of my bottom tooth on the left side in the back has broken off and the other half is still there and it is soooooo killing me.

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Janice Milne Says:

Um....I think you need to go to the dentist get it fixed.

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VerFree Says:

A round, white tablet with the marking E 22 contains 100mgs of Orphenadrine, which is a muscle relaxant, so it won't help with dental pain. NDC 00185-0022

E 22 tablet

Thus, I have to agree with Janice, you need to see a dentist to have this fixed, if you are in that much pain, it is most likely due to an infection, which will require a round of antibiotics to treat, then the repair or extraction of the tooth. Alternatively, you could have an exposed nerve, which will also require proper treatment

How long ago did it break off?

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