Dukes Magic Mouthwash

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light pink licquid

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Verwon Says:

Most items with these types of names are regional products mixed by pharmacists in your area and prescribed by local doctors.

Therefore, it is not listed in prescription drug databases or monograph lists and without knowing the ingredients, we cannot tell you anything about it.

If you need more information, I would suggest asking your doctor or pharmacist.

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dr. jp Says:

Duke's Magic Mouthwash Formula:

1. Nystatin Suspension, 100,000 u/ml, 30 mL. or Nysatin Powder 3 Million Units
2. Hydrocortisone 60 mg.
3. Diphenhydramine HCL Syrup
q.s. ad. 240 ml.

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tnlori Says:

Rx Magic Mouthwash II; RiteAid; was told it contained 1. Mylanta, 2. Lidocaine, 3. Diphenhydramine, plus flavoring. Requested for post op and post antibiotic mouth thrush.
Dosage 1 teaspoon swish and swallow by mouth before Meals and before Bedtime.

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Rustyusty Says:

Does anyone know the ingredients for Dukes's magic mouth wash west-ward and weather to swallow it after swishing? Thanks, Rusty

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Ella Says:

can I order the dukes magic mouthwash off line?

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James Says:

1 oz nystatin susp.
2 oz tetracycline susp.
120mg hydrocortisone powder
benedryl elixir to fill to 1/2 pint
swish and expectorate

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drbob Says:

actually it is made to be swallowed slowly. nystatin is poorly absorbed but it is good topical for esophageal thrush, which occurs in patients who have had radiation therapy to the upper pharynx and neck. That was the original use for the medication. it is also suggested for use in aphthous stomatitis by the AM. Academy of ENT.

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wayne Says:

can i order dukes magic mouthwash on line

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