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Matthew Says:

I have severe bone spurs on my heels and I have been on Duexis for a few years, cutting the dosage to two pills daily from the recommended three. I have recently experienced shortness of breath and cardial infarction symptoms, which I will be getting checked. I recently, because of an annoying rebate program through Horizon Pharma, switched over to ibuprofen and famotidine tabs in an 800/20 mg combination. I read just today that nsaids are now connected to cardial infarction in persons with high propensity (myself). Is it okay for me to reduce the mg of the ibuprofen intake (maintaining the 20mg famotidine) and by how much?

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Kevin Says:

Hello Matthew,

I'm terribly sorry to hear about your situation.

Ibuprofen is used to treat pain, inflammation and reduce fevers. Unfortunately I am not certain if the doctor has you on a 800mg dosage in order to keep the inflammation down or if it's simply to reduce the pain. When will you be seeing your doctor about the cardial infarction symptoms? If it is soon the best course of action would to be to continue your medication until your doctors appointment and discuss this concern with him during that time. If your appointment is more than 2 weeks away I would simply call my doctors office ahead of time and ask your doctor if it is alright to lower your dosage of ibuprofen due to your concerns. Sometimes you won't be able to get a hold of the doctor right away and will have to leave a message but this will still get you a quicker response than waiting for your appointment. I do not suggest stopping your prescribed medication prior to your doctors consent as it may be doing more for you than simply reducing the pain.

Just to be clear, nobody but your doctor will be able to give you the exact answer to your question as nobody has access to your medical records. Without knowing your exact situation and your background we would just be guessing. Sorry I wasn't able to give you a direct answer.

I hope this helps and best wishes.

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Grldollies Says:

Hi there I was searching for Duexis is alternate because my insurance just notified me they are no longer covering it for my back pain. Seen your post. I used to have heal spurs too. A neighbor told me a bout eating cherries. It takes a wile to work weeks but has helped me. I eat fresh and dried. About every day just a hand full. I keep it at bay doing this. Maybe it could help you. Been doing this 3-4 years now

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