tonya Says:

what is a small green pill with the A 214 on it

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Verwon Says:

This pill is Oxycodone regular release 30mgs, a generic for Roxicodone.

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tk ohio Says:

actually i think those might be 15mg roxicodone. i thought the blue ones were 30mg

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lynnferguson Says:

I tale this tab;et also. It is 15mg roxicodone

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dee dee Says:

what is a green pill with the numbers 93 833 on one side?

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blues clues man Says:

what you have is a roxy 15 mg they are green with a at the top with 214 under it there is also a blue 15 mg with m box on one side and 15 on the other just like the 30mg

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ayersky Says:

what is a green pill that has54 on top and on bottom 751

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MissLiss Says:

yes, that would be a 15 mg. roxicodone. it is used for break through pain.

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Hemi Says:

A214 is a oxycodone 15mg i have a script

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marie Says:

Is this pill described a 15mg roxicodone? Green with number 54 on top&751 below it.

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Tara Says:

What is the side effects of DROTINE DS

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