Drs Who Will Prescribe Adderall In Massachusetts (Top voted first)

July Says:

I live in the dedham ma area. I have been prescribed adderall for years and need to find a new dr or nurse practitioner who will prescribe it to me with no problems on the first visit.

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juggsy Says:

I know of one. Actually I know of two places. I live there too.

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candycon Says:

About Health Jamaica Plains Massachusetts

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Nurse Karlene Says:

I know many doctors, as I work at a large Practice. My question would be, why would you need a doctor that doesn't ask many questions? It is their job to make sure you are on the correct medication, and would need your history, along with your chart from past doctor. A doctor who just hands out prescriptions are putting your life, and their Practice on the line.

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juggsy Says:

Dr. Luz Martin - does not require a therapist Westfield, MA and Springfield. And Valley Psych in Springfield. Also, Cynthia Alston in Longmeadow, MA - also does not require therapist.

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Don Says:

Re: Owen (# 23) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Owen,
Please see my answer to Mel #27. Dr. Lowney has and office in Seekonk, on the Attleboro line, and one near Boston. He is an awesome guy.

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Optimistic Says:

Re: jesse (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Woburn, Cummings Park Dr, there are MH providers there who are good.

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Jj Says:

Yes you said you can help who is your pcp?

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Jj Says:

Yes can you please give me the name of your pcp?

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ryan Says:

Could you help me? I really need a doctor that will prescribe me adderall in the Boston area

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jesse Says:

Hey I was just reading you're post and I really need help I go to school on the north end. my professor pulled me into his office and told me I need to see a doctor and tell them i said you without doupt have ADHD. But my primary won't help so can I have that docs name? {edited for privacy} I would simply say my insurance company gave me his name. please help?

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Mike Says:

What are the places? Can you help?

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Ralph V Says:

I just moved to boston and I'm having a hard time finding an md who's even taking new patients, does anyone know an md who I can go to?

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Dizmaster Says:

Hi live in Hyde Park looking for decent PCP who can help with methadone any suggestions?

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anana Says:

Hi, I was wondering who the two docs are? where are they located?.

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Meggz Says:

Name of doctors? Been looking for a doctor who will preserve without a million questions

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Meggz Says:

Docs name? Looking for an easy doc myself

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Dana Says:

Hi I was wondering if you could provide me with the name of the doctor? Thanks!

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Dana Says:

Hi! I was wondering if you got the names of the two doctors. Would be so helpful! Thanks!

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josh Says:

can you please tell me who it is? :)

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SM Says:

Still offering help with Addie's?

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