Drixoral Sinus Tablets

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Oblong yellow tablet made by drixoral for sinus. cannot find them.

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Crystal Says:

I was unable to find that exact pill, is there any more information you can give me? Any markings on the pill you give me will help me find the right pill.

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Bob T Says:

Hey all Drixoral users I have located a good deal on 12 hour drixoral sinus tabs. The green pill. Northwest pharmacy has them now for $12.99 per box of 10. Best price I can find anywhere. I just ordered 40 and pray they continue to have a supply. Am dam tired of paying $23/$24 per box.

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Roy Says:

Hi Bob, thanks for your post. It also looks like they offer a generic alternative to this medication with all of the same active ingredients. Actually, I didn't think there was a generic available for this! There are a lot of people looking for this medication.

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Bob T Says:

yes. i saw the generic for it but with their pricing i opted for the original. will keep you posted once I receive.

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pong Says:

Hi Bob, did you receive your product? Was your transaction satisfactory with them? Do you recommend ordering from this company? Thanks.

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Bob T Says:

Yes. I have had 2 shipments from Northwest and if you order the reg. Drixoral, it ships much faster, I ordered the generic this time and it took about 10 days, not too bad. The ingredients are exactly the same and I have can not tell any difference it its effects. I like the generic just fine. Hope this helps.

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Pong Says:

Thanks Bob! My allergy is killing me and nothing seems to work so I will definitely order...

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Bob T Says:

your very welcome.

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Chentha Says:

I'm looking for the green pill with the black markings on it. I first started taking Drixoral when it was sold at the dollar store for 100 pills per bottle for about $3.The pill was so good till it went up over time. I continued to purchase it because it was the only thing that worked for me. Walgreens has discontinued this product and I would love to have it back in my medicine cabinet. Can anyone tell me where I can get this product from?

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lindsg Says:

Found substitute for Drixoral and it WORKS. Tried all the rest they don't work! Allegra-D in 12 hour or 24 hour. I am in Canada. I hope it is available to you. I suffered for months, couldn’t sleep either and nothing else worked.

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