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i believe the drug was given for blood pressure or pain in the dominican republic just need to know what the drug real does before it is taken

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Maggie Says:

symptoms are bad cold and diahorrea

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josue Says:

me gustaria saber como se controla la enfernadad de vertigo de minier

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jimmy Says:

k es lo k hace el dramidon en la sangre cuando lo inyectan k funcion hace

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Brian Says:

I had suffered sea sickness when on a cruise and was given his by the ships doctor.

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Verwon Says:

This contains the active ingredient Dimenhydrinate, in the U.S., Canada and several other places, it is better known by the trade name Dramamine.

It is most commonly used to treat motion sickness and vertigo, its most common side effect is drowsiness.

Este contiene el ingrediente activo dimenhidrinato, en los EE.UU., Canadá y varios otros lugares, es más conocido por el nombre comercial Dramamine.

Es más comúnmente utilizado para tratar el mareo y el vértigo, el efecto secundario más común es la somnolencia.

Are there any questions?

You can learn more Dramamine details here.

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Chris Says:

Well, I don’t know about blood pressure but it’s used for dizziness/vertigo/nausea.

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