Does Mix Feeding Make A Child Positive

Nikkie Says:

Hi I am hiv positive and on tribuss medication, I now have a 9 weeks son who was born negative and was given nevirapine at birth till he was 6weeks then given Iltrim.I was breastfeeding exclusively till he was 2weeks then gave him breastfeed, formula and cereal because he was not getting full on breast milk only does this mean that my son is now hiv positive even though I take my treatment religiously and gave him his ?

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Nikkie! How are you?

No, mixed feeding would not affect that. You both just need to continue to take the prescribed medications, until he is done breastfeeding, as reported by the NIH.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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mmjlove Says:

Thank you so so much for your honesty, I also have the same problem. I was even afraid of giving my daughter a flu medicine because we were told that if we give the kids anything they gonna be hiv+, these was eating me up inside I even lost 13kg because I was so stressed, even faught with my husband for getting me infected while I was honest to him. My baby got tested negative at birth but she was not tested at 6wks they just gave me 2 bottels of ilvitrim and said that they gonna test her at 10wks. I leaved with the stress until now, what worries me is that I also gave her soft poridge (purity) and warm water to drink and was told not to, but my results says "not detectable" they said that's because I'm taking my mecation well

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Nikkie Says:

Thank you so much I feel much better already I am getting his 10 weeks results ob the 26 of May will give you feedback on how it goes.

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Nikkie Says:

Hi again beautiful parents am glad to update you again that my son had done a follow up blood test and the results came back negative again now on the 7th hw will be turning 5 months and as healthy as the day of birth have not been to the Dr even once let's keep taking care of them by taking our treatment and giving them what's prescribed for them hope this helps those hiv positive moms who breastfeed.

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angie Says:

hi my bby is six weeks n hiv negative I've given him gripe water mix wit warm water can it affects my bby status

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odie Says:

Hi, i have a 10weeks old daughter nd im only breastfeeding. she got tested at birth nd now at tenweeks. I once left her with my mom nd she gave her a bit of water with a drop of gripe water. will that affect her?

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Cilia Says:

Hi,I'm HIV positive and I HV a baby who is 1 month and I don't breastfeed ,but I give the baby nevirapine

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lui Says:

Hi i'm HIV positive my baby is 1month old I've been mix feeding him while his taking Nevarapine and I'm also taking my ARV's does that mean I've infected my baby?

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Andzo Says:

I am27 years old hiv+ i hv a 15 dyz boy on np fo six weeks.he z alwyz sucking me m afraid of giving him gripe water collic drops.worse thing i dnt alwyz take ma meds z he on risk

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Sapphire Says:

Re: odie (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

No if you taking your medication well and your viral load is undetectable then your baby will not be infected but avoid anything that could increase the chances of getting infected like solid food and muthiwenyoni.

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Lala Says:

Im hiv and breastfeeding my baby is 2 months and on ilvitrim. He has flu and i went to the Dr and they give him flu medicine and iv been giving him. Does that mean my son is infected?

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