Does Methadone Wear Off If You Sleep
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chrissy Says:

I take 70mg of methadone every morning as maintenance to stay off of H. Sometimes I get tired and want to take a nap and there have been a few times that I have taken a nap in the past. Those few times when I woke up I felt like I had not had any methadone that day. Does methadone wear off when I go to sleep and why does it feel like I haven't had any even if I take a nap only 2 hours after taking it?

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Georgy Says:

I believe this happens, because whenever the body is asleep, it increases its metabolism, meaning it's "overclocking" thus increase the methadone consumption, AND also whenever in sleep the body is releasing the good hormones on its own, resulting in the body experiencing increase in the good hormones dosage, and when you wake up and the body suddenly stops its part of the good stuff- you feel worse. Also a big part of "feeling good" depends not only on the current, momentary availability of good hormones, but on the trend, if the body feels the percentage is dropping, even if its still in the high availability- it was even better a moments ago (even if not consciously perceptable) and is slowly on its way down, e.g the time dimension also plays a role in the "feeling good"-ness. The formula for feeling good is mainly temporal mood stability, then the amount of good hormone.

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BuB Says:

Re: zippo (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I wouldn't say it wears off in your sleep. For me if I I am sitting or laying down watching TV or something, the methadone will tend to make me very relaxed and then I can become so relaxed I just want to sleep and then they are X I am so tired it's almost as if it's sucking me in my dad and it doesn't want to let go but if I force myself to get up it takes about 5 or 10 minutes after walking around and then all of a sudden it reverses itself and becomes energy and then I'm running around like a jackrabbit. It's as if it compensates depending on what you're doing so if you are active then it helps you stay active but if you lay down and chill then it helps you I guess you can say chill and/or sleep. That's what it does for me but the medicine does not wear off while sleeping like I said it just compensates. It's like a chameleon, the medicine adapts if you're being active or you want to be a couch potato. This is how it works for me I don't know about anybody else but I've been on liquid methadone for almost 3 years.

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Lesley Says:

No it doesn't wear off when u sleep. It peaks at 4 hours after dosing. But lasts 24 hours. You may need a higher dose. Talk to your clinic doctor. I've been on 120mg for years for pain, and I'm fine. I also take adderall which seems to increase the effects. Hope this helps you.

{edited for privacy}

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Lesley Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I too take methadone, but for pain. It has been found that in higher doses, once a day, that the patients get good pain control for 24 hours. Yes I have some breakthrough pain that requires some additional medication, but for the most part it's all I need.
Methadone peaks 4 hours after taking your dose. If you're feeling very sleepy then, did u take any additional medicine that particular day?? Or not sleep well the night before?? Because normally it's not good if it makes u very tired and means u need a lower dose. So that's why the other factors involved make a huge difference. Most who get cravings and feel like they need more methadone or other drugs, then your dose may not be high enough. This is why all the factors surrounding your tiredness/cravings, need to be documented and shared with your methadone clinic or doctor. Also, it sounds like having a peak and through done is really crucial to your diagnosis and getting you on the correct dose. I hope this helps you a lot.

I am a nurse and work in a doctors office that gives scripts for methadone. It's not a conflict of interest as I've never been an addict, and also, our office gives scripts to the patients. So no medicine is given at our office. We require that the patients have weekly drug panels, and they attend therapy at least once a week, and we hold groups several times a day. It's cheaper and much more personal then clinics the patients say....and here they see the doctor weekly. Not once a year.

I hope that this answer helps you. Best of luck. Get that peak and through as I've seen people die from too high of a dose or from mixing a benzo with methadone. Please please please don't do that. My friend of whom I had referred to our office, managed to fake her urines and hid the fact she took them. Her little girl called me one morning and said her mom wouldn't wake up. She was already dead and her daughter was 4 hours alone with her dead mom trying to wake her. My daughter was the same age. So that's why I'm so passionate about the methadone program. It changes lives when the person is on the correct dose and follows the rules.....and has counseling and support. And I hope wherever you get your methadone that you are getting all this. If not, please look for another clinic. {edited for privacy}. If you or anyone else has any questions, comments, or even if you are having a hard day and need a friend who won't judge you, you all can talk to me about anything and I'll try my best to help. Day or night. Take care and get that peak and through done.

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Mike Says:

Do yourself a favor and get the hell off the methodone. S***s just as hard to get off of as H, maybe even harder no matter if they try to wean u off or not. It took me 2 1/2 to 3 years to get off methadone. I was dope sick for that long, and couldn't sleep for years after quitting also.

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Alazzam Says:

It could just be a matter of your metabolism. Bc your sleeping it just is taking a lot longer to kick in or something.

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Sherry Says:

I've been experiencing the same issue. I dose early in the morning after my daughter is dropped off to school. I then go home and if I lay down I fall asleep and wake up feeling like I haven't dosed. I been wondering this same thing. Does it wear off while sleeping I wake feeling groggy and not good at all.

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Kaye Says:

Re: Kathrynne (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

I completely agree with you. I do feel like I'm going into cold sweats when I wake from a nap.. I take 150 miligrams a day. When I sleep and wake up that's what happens every time.. I have had my dose split to combat this and try not to lwryself sleep after my dose. But sometimes I'm just to tired and That's what happens..

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A pissed off Holistic Practitioner Says:

Re: Jerry (# 23) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Jerry! Are you saying you went straight from taking methadone to taking Suboxone without a break in between?? When I asked my doctor if I could switch to Suboxone from methadone, he informed me the Suboxone would send me into immediate withdrawal!!! So, did you have a 3 day break, or so, from the methadone, and THEN begin Suboxone (and if so, were you uncomfortable experiencing withdrawal symptoms in between or when the Suboxone ridded your body of the methadone)? Or, did you have a comfortable transition?
Thanks for your time!

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Jerry Says:

I know what you mean. When I was on methadone 130mg a day I would take a nap and I felt like it was gone when I woke up. But I went and got on suboxon as you should do I feel much better and only have to pick up once a month. So think about suboxon it is better

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A pissed off Holistic Practitioner Says:

Re: silverleaf (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

I'm not sure you understand, if you have never experienced what he's talking about. For instance, whenever I went hiking or rock climbing, I noticed an "eaten dose" feeling, while every other day I felt just fine. Eventually, I began feeling worse and worse, and discovered my metabolism was ridding my body of the methadone too quickly, requiring me to receive a split dose. This made sense, as the more physical exertion, the faster you metabolize, so there is definitely something to that. In addition, I don't think so many other people would be having this issue if there were not a link, so just because you personally don't experience something, you shouldn't tell someone else they are not experiencing it.

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A pissed off Holistic Practitioner Says:

Re: Kathrynne (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Ummm...if your comment is in response to Bobbie M (Katheynne) then aside from being overzealous or (lying) about telling people you are a physician, there is absolutely no reason for you to call Bobbie out! TWO SEPARATE TIMES (in beginning and close of his insightful intelligent statement) he very responsibly states, he is writing in regards to his THEORY!!! Furthermore, what "medical advice" did he give that could injure (or even affect) anyone, taking methadone or not?? He basically said the SAME THING AS YOU (just more eloquently, and actually using medical terms, rather than describing sleep as "working on ourselves"). The reason for my hostility (and likely the reason you feel the need to troll Q and A threads to shoot down others who DARE make an intelligent theory, while you boast of your medical status rather than research ways you can keep YOUR OWN patients healthy and disease free), is likely due to the rapid decline in the trust and respect patients (and the general public) have for physicians (especially those like yourself, who spend their time trolling threads rather than educating yourself in ways you can actually HEAL your patients, and KEEP them healthy so they DON'T require medical attention, if you really are a doctor, in areas such as healing through nutrition, body movement, healthy emotional exercises, and positive decisions) rather than dump a bunch of prescriptions in their bags and send them on their death journey....oh, and because I'm a holistic practitioner who utilizes HEALTHY ways to promote health and healing, there is definitely a need for a well educated medical team, (such as, when my daughter's finger was cut off, leaving me eternally grateful to the talented surgeon who was able to reattach it without pins, or her body rejecting her appendage), but the way doctors inj. themselves (and everything else) into facets of our health where they have NO BUSINESS, merely for a better paycheck, will soon be a thing of the past that future generations will look back on as the time of BARBARIC physicians (might as well be hammering a chisel into patients frontal lobe as far as your generation of doctors will be regarded). So hopefully in the future, rather than spending your time making yourself feel more important, you will refrain from interjecting (at least in situations like this, where your accusations aren't even logical), in areas where us little people, are outwitting our medical professionals, and actually thinking for ourselves... FINALLY, and we would appreciate not being chastised for it. Thank you very much!

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Bmore Careful Says:

When I take naps my methadone wears off. I'll wake up feeling like I haven't taking anything.

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does methadone wear off in your sleep Says:

I've been on methadone for years and was on 170 ml and am down to 7 ml and if i go to sleep during the day it definitely wears off and can make u feel a bit ruff. My best advice is get into a routine taking it at the same time. Then cut down very slowly. I am cutting down 1ml every 6 weeks now. It used to be 5 ml but I will get there and am clean so definitely sleep on them. You will feel it.

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Jerry Rogers Says:

I used to take 130mg a day and yes it did me the same way. And I am not sure why . But I got off that crap. I now take suboxon. And It is much better. If you are only taking 70mg get off it now.

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Paula Says:

So as Iv been looking on this subject I have come to the conclusion that splitting my dose (well not exactly splitting equally) taking a percentage of it b4 bed and the majority in the morning gives me a good day, tho I don't know how this will work as I'm reducing, I'll prob just reduce the majority first and work on that when I get there

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Paula Says:

It may not wear off as such but it sure feels that way, I have been in methadone for about 10 yrs now I currently take 45ml, I am in conflict about when to take it because it does when taken before bed, knock me right out , I know this as Iv taken it in the day or morning whichever/both and been asleep for at least 4 hrs, but if I take it in the morning and stay awake I will have a good day and feel energetic/normal, but if I take it at night before bed say 11pm/12am I will feel the aches (where a woman feels it) and a quite a bit tired and weak, so I have come to the conclusion that I take only 5ml at night before bed otherwise I find myself waking up in the middle of the night for it, and I will wake up in the early hours between 5am -7am go back to sleep till 7:30-8am and sometimes don't wanna wake up but I do and I feel much better, hope this helps

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Rob Says:

Thank god it ain't just me. I wake up at 6 and feel like crap, but if I take my methadone and fall asleep for a bit, maybe half hour to 2 hours, I know I will feel crap with hot flashes during the day.

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Craig o Says:

How is tha being dangerous? Were sick of feeling sick in the morning before our doses so were just trying to make it through the morning until we dose. You don't need to be rude or "wise". I experience this too and was looking for answers but when I see stupid comments like this it's NOT helpful so keep your thoughts to yourself and let us find answers to how we can feel better between that 24 hour period. The split dosing is actually done at the clinic both doses but you get half in morning and half at night so if anything it's safer

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Nerd5362 Says:

The same thing happens to me and everyone I know. I usually fall asleep after taking my methadone and without fail, whether I sleep for 20 minutes or 4 hours, when I wake up its as if i didn't take it. I've spoken about this a lot and no one can give me an answer

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