Does Methadone Wear Off If You Sleep

chrissy Says:

I take 70mg of methadone every morning as maintenance to stay off of H. Sometimes I get tired and want to take a nap and there have been a few times that I have taken a nap in the past. Those few times when I woke up I felt like I had not had any methadone that day. Does methadone wear off when I go to sleep and why does it feel like I haven't had any even if I take a nap only 2 hours after taking it?

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Chrissy! How are you? I'm sorry about the problem that you're having.

No, it shouldn't do that. Did you take any other medications at that time? Did you do anything else different?

Does anyone know more about this? I've heard of other medications affecting it, but not sleeping.

This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

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Warren Says:

The Methadone doesn't wear off in your system when you sleep actually as you may know it has a long half life. One thing that popped to mind was do you take vitamins? Even a multivitamin? If you do, it can disrupt the way meds get absorbed into your body. Keep vitamins away from meds by about two to three hours. That could be a reason for what you're feeling. Best of luck. Warren

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zippo Says:

he/she's right, it DOES wear off when you sleep

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mookie Says:

Yup,it doeas the same to me i wake up n after a while i start to feel sick n i had a question i wake up now like around [email protected] so i go to the clinik early wen i get off work i feel sick also which before i use to take(methadone) it like around 12pm i wonder does it wear off while your working n moving

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Bobbie MIrabito Says:

I have a theory on this, hallucinogens including dimethyltryptamine or DMT push opiods out of your receptors, when you get into deep sleep your pineal gland releases DMT, in fact that's why we dream, we trip balls. I have noticed that if stay in a lighter state of sleep, you know the kind where you can feel everything going on around you, I wake up feeling completely dosed, its when I get into that deep sleep, the kind where you either have crazy dreams or feel like you where in a coma, that's when I wake up with an eaten dose feeling, the deeper the sleep, the more DMT released into receptors, the more methadone pushed out. This is my theory.

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methadonesavedmylife Says:

You could be more right than u think... The same thing happens to me when I sleep and when I wake up I feel as if I haven't taken anything.. Those who say this doesn't happen obviously don't know crap.. They obviously aren't taking methadone or aren't on it long enuff to notice it like we do... I've been on this for 15 years!!

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Kathrynne Says:

I am not saying this to be trite, but you should not post information on a subject that could cause any harm if you are not well-versed in it. Of course methadone is habit-forming! It's an opioid! The drug is most widely used for stabilizing an opiate/opioid addict and subsequently tapering them, meaning that they were dependent on it from the get go, as it is cross-tolerant among opiate/opioid drugs. Also, your body does quite a bit of work on itself in the sleeping process, causing it to potentially 'detox' a little quicker than normal. Not only am I a physician, but also a patient. I stumbled across this when I was doing some research for a defence thesis on (something similar to) this subject, as it is something I've had patients talk to me about, and have also experienced it, myself.

You can get your dose split so that you take it twice a day in order to stave off the feeling of general malaise.

I'm not trying to call you out, but when giving medical information, you should really know the facts, and if you don't know the facts, but you have a hypothesis, then please explain that it is only a hypothesis as well as explaining why you have come to said hypothesis. It's good to be safe and ask questions when you're not necessarily sure, y'know?

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Michelle Says:

Im currently seven months pregnant and have been falling asleed for a couple hours in the day and i feel coldsweats and chills when i wake up if so many other people are feeling withdraw the way i am i think the topic should be further studied.

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You suck Says:

When people say things like "Im not teying to call you out" or "Im not trying to be an ass" it mean thats exactly what you are doing calling you out or being an ass. You arent a doctor so stfu.

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silverleaf Says:

Dude, you are clearly on the wrong dose here. If you feel sick just doing your day to day activities, you're either not at the right dose or you're trying to get stoned off it. You do realize that your reason for methadone is to be able to function in your family life without drugs right? If you can't do anything simple as nap, work, or even walk around without feeling sick or feeling like your dose wore off, you need to see your doctor for an increase because methadone should get you BACK to your normal routine, not disrupt it.

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Me Says:

Wow can you read she is a Dr.and on methadone.She is right some people take what they read as gospel true or not.Rather than asking people she should be talking to her clinic, her dose might not be right.There are 991 different t drugs,over the counter and vitamins as well that can affect your dose as well as if you work exercise ect...The best advice is to get professional advice.

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Sameoldbs Says:


Attacking other posters serves no purpose in helping others that are truly in need of help. ADDICTION is a deadly disease that NO ONE CHOOSES!! So I'll simply correct the stated misinformation. If you're dosing clinically there's always staff that you can report these inconsistencies to. Dosage adjustment is normally sufficient enough to correct metabolic irregularities. Labs exist that can decipher metabolic rates most commonly a peek and thru blood evaluation. Once clinical evidence is established resolution to stabilization can be achieved in most legit cases. Hope this helps those serious about recovery utilizing an opiate/opioid assisted protocol, as I do. Whichever one chooses recovery is an individual journey and reintegration into a quote "more normal life" should be the goal. Until we can buffer this stigma, acceptance of good people who are ill will never be achieved.... So very sad....but I digress, this is my attempt to assist others in need. Best of luck to all.

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Nerd5362 Says:

The same thing happens to me and everyone I know. I usually fall asleep after taking my methadone and without fail, whether I sleep for 20 minutes or 4 hours, when I wake up its as if i didn't take it. I've spoken about this a lot and no one can give me an answer

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Craig o Says:

How is tha being dangerous? Were sick of feeling sick in the morning before our doses so were just trying to make it through the morning until we dose. You don't need to be rude or "wise". I experience this too and was looking for answers but when I see stupid comments like this it's NOT helpful so keep your thoughts to yourself and let us find answers to how we can feel better between that 24 hour period. The split dosing is actually done at the clinic both doses but you get half in morning and half at night so if anything it's safer

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Rob Says:

Thank god it ain't just me. I wake up at 6 and feel like crap, but if I take my methadone and fall asleep for a bit, maybe half hour to 2 hours, I know I will feel crap with hot flashes during the day.

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Paula Says:

It may not wear off as such but it sure feels that way, I have been in methadone for about 10 yrs now I currently take 45ml, I am in conflict about when to take it because it does when taken before bed, knock me right out , I know this as Iv taken it in the day or morning whichever/both and been asleep for at least 4 hrs, but if I take it in the morning and stay awake I will have a good day and feel energetic/normal, but if I take it at night before bed say 11pm/12am I will feel the aches (where a woman feels it) and a quite a bit tired and weak, so I have come to the conclusion that I take only 5ml at night before bed otherwise I find myself waking up in the middle of the night for it, and I will wake up in the early hours between 5am -7am go back to sleep till 7:30-8am and sometimes don't wanna wake up but I do and I feel much better, hope this helps

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Paula Says:

So as Iv been looking on this subject I have come to the conclusion that splitting my dose (well not exactly splitting equally) taking a percentage of it b4 bed and the majority in the morning gives me a good day, tho I don't know how this will work as I'm reducing, I'll prob just reduce the majority first and work on that when I get there

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Jerry Rogers Says:

I used to take 130mg a day and yes it did me the same way. And I am not sure why . But I got off that crap. I now take suboxon. And It is much better. If you are only taking 70mg get off it now.

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does methadone wear off in your sleep Says:

I've been on methadone for years and was on 170 ml and am down to 7 ml and if i go to sleep during the day it definitely wears off and can make u feel a bit ruff. My best advice is get into a routine taking it at the same time. Then cut down very slowly. I am cutting down 1ml every 6 weeks now. It used to be 5 ml but I will get there and am clean so definitely sleep on them. You will feel it.

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Bmore Careful Says:

When I take naps my methadone wears off. I'll wake up feeling like I haven't taking anything.

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