Does Iv Morphine Prevent Plasma Donation?

Miss Mac Says:

I had a massive headache/migraine and was admitted to the ER Friday afternoon, dosed with morphine around 5 pm and again around 7pm prior to discharge to home. The great thing is that this awful headache resolved within about 6 hours of the last dose; it was the worst I ever had, after two weeks of stiff neck and dull headaches. I will be following up with a neurologist due to my prior history of cervical fusion surgery and rotator cuff tear in left shoulder, and now, evidence of nerve damage or rotator involvement in the right shoulder.

I rarely take pain meds because I don't like the way they make me feel; I have managed pain before with tramadol 50 mg. I would like to know if I need to discuss this in a pre-employment drug panel before hand or stop donating plasma? I never donate with any medication in my system for at least 24 hours prior. I don't want to hurt anyone, be eliminated from being allowed to donate, or treated like a drug abuser. I have a prescription or direct administration under doctor supervision for anything that was administered. I just want to know when it will be ok to resume normal donations. Maybe I am worrying too much...

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David Says:

Hi Miss Mac,

If you are planning on donating plasma, I do agree that it would be wise to first determine if you still have any medication left in your system ahead of time. You could always get one of those at-home drug panel kits to check yourself at any given time.

But in the rare event that you are taking something such as morphine, I think even waiting 2 or 3 days (instead of 1) would probably be more appropriate. That way you can be sure without a doubt that your donation is pure enough. The company/organization you donate to should also provide you with a list of guidelines pertaining to this if you have any additional concerns on what's allowed and what isn't. Although it sounds to me like you should be in the clear after a few days of not taking anything.

I hope this helps!

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missmac Says:

I waited a week and made sure that I was feeling well before I donated again. I once had some dental work done and had pain medication before a pre employment drug panel. I disclosed this to the facility that I was currently on medication. Everything was fine on that end until the result was positive and I was called by the lab and the company that I was applying to work for...I was challenged on having a valid prescription etc. I gave them my copy of the pharmacy receipt and instruction and signed a personal info release for the pharmacist and the dentist to discuss with them. It was a little be talked to the way I was, to be told that my training and hire would be delayed while they "investigated". I almost told them to take the job and shove it, but I just had to play the game. I worked for the company for over a year...unfortunately, the way they handled this was a strong indicator of how they treated employees in other work related matters involving privacy.

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curly Says:

morphine takes up to 10 days to get out of your system Tramadol is up to four days depending on your BMI morphine definitely takes longer than a couple of days to come out of your system

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cj Says:

I am a long term PM pt. Have been on MS Contin 60mg 3 a day & MS IR 30mg up to 4x day 4 brk thru pain for 8 yrs.. Had 2 episodes in Orlando, Fl. 1. Relative stole script (reported to PM dr immediately) 2. My drug panel showed positive for Methadone during this same time frame (saved prev. script of mine, not this PM dr) fired from n e further future scripts from them. How hard r these scripts gonna be to replace by another PM dr office? I was twice admitted to the hospital due to attacks caused by my abrupt meds being stopped that I really need to stay on. Hospitalists filled the last 2 months worth of these meds. But, I have to stay on these meds to avoid frequency of hospital admissions due to excessive bills these cause. If anyone has advice, please help. Thanks!

P.S. I did not want to ruin the life of a family member by possible arrest over this huge lack of judgement! Promised rehab as a solution to avoid arrest!!! Again thanks for any advice...

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