Doctors Who Will Prescribe Methadone For Chronic Back Pain In Illinois


I'm relocating to Hanover pk il I'm currently taking methadone for pain how do I find a doctor that prescribes methadone for pain that accepts medicaid in Illinois?

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Hello, Karina! How are you?

Any doctor can prescribe it for pain. Due to the new regulations that were put in place last year, though, you'll need to see a pain management specialist. The easiest thing to do would be to set yourself up with a new PCP and then have them refer you to someone.

This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

Can anyone suggest a good doctor in that area?

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I suggest asking your current doctor to help you find someone

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You are relocating to Chicago/Hanover Park. You have tons of options. Big city! Go online and find one. There are several. I live 40 mins away from the city. They are everywhere. Look in the suburbs as well. Now, I don't take pain meds, so I don't know how tough the docs are, but I have a pain doc for getting off pain meds due to an accident I had and being prescribed something for a long time. Unfortunately left physically dependent. Anyway, I hope you found a decent smart doc. I know this is outdated, but I decided to post anyway...

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Patients have asked me for referrals to other shrinks who will continue their therapy. I sometimes go a little high with the benzos — neuroleptics have some nasty and irreversible long-term side effects. (When appropriate, I'll use Klonopin and Lithium or Lamictal to manage BipoIar-1 Disorder instead of using Seroquel or Zyprexa as the "tranquilizer". Yes, the Klonopin dose will be somewhat high — but not toxic — [rpbab;y an average of about 8,mg/day.)) actually have a form letter prepared stating that Ms. X. has been my patient for X years. Her Chief Complaint is and my Dx and TX has been (Panic Attack Disorder and Klonopin 2mg TID and Ambien 30mg qHS). See no signs of her being a abuser of drugs prescribed for her psych condition.) That's for patients moving, but if they're moving where I have a colleague or a friend has a psych friend, a phone call sometimes brings better results. I also offer to forward medical records and, as a parting gift, didn't charge my patient for the copying

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Hi does anyone know of any physicians or psych doctors who would be willing to write me a script for methadone in Evansville in? Well you do have a methadone clinic here however myself and my mother have to share a vehicle and my son is in high school and you have to medicate in the early hours of the morning so this is presenting a problem when trying to get him to school on time because I've been told the lines are sometimes extremely long. I'm wanting to get off the current painkillers that I am on and get on methadone for two reasons because I have the addiction to painkillers but I still need something for the pain and I know methadone will help the pain plus help get you off of the pain killers at the same time. Someone please help!

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I just moved to Springfield MO from San Diego CA and have been seeing a pain management Dr there for years. I have many things wrong with my mental health and physically. I have been diagnosed with RSD from a surgery that didn't work but left me in horrible pain, then my back L3 thru 5 degenerative and bulging discs in my lower back. That has now made its way to my upper back. I broke my foot last year and of course with the RSD, I can't get rid of the pain there. Our plan was to move to MO to retire and live the rest of our lives. Only to find out they will not prescribe my pain meds here. I have been on them since 2005 Feb. They look at you as if you are a drug addict, and it just so wrong. I am no where near being that. How dare they. I went many years with no quality of life and was prescribe opiates in 2005 and have never misused my meds. I do U/A's and all is fine. I would never dream about selling my meds. Now, at 63 and being i am the only one obviously the only person who takes these meds, as to the way i am talked too. I have been diligently looking online for Dr's and Pain Management. I am double insured (health) and i just need to find a Dr who cares and actually experience pain the way i do. I have asked my Dr in CA to cut off my leg, as the pain is so bad. He said i would only develop it there. So, having been to 9 Ortho surgeons in S.D. only to be told I suffered from RSD. I wonder if someone out there who gets to live in pain 24/7 knows what i deal with. Then in 2009 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I said, Yeah right. But still unable to even have any type of love life with my wonderful and loving husband of 38yrs. He is my rock. I have mental problems being treated by a Psychiatrist, a good one and so far doing pretty good. But my main concern right now is finding a miracle Dr that will not judge me and be my Dr for pain management. Its not in my head, its all over my body and i currently have to fly out to our previous life, in CA where Dr that gives great epidurals and he knows the extent of my health problems. I hope your the real deal, as I still am in shock that i finally read what you wrote. Maybe God with me or something. {edited for privacy}. My husband and I are praying you read this. I pray also that this is the real deal. Please if you know of a Dr around me let me know the name or if not, well I am just beside myself about what you wrote. God Bless and hope i don't have to wait forever.

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Hi, Its me again. I am just hoping your still here, and helping people with their pain problems. I just don't know what else to do. I need help so much. I can't imagine me laying in a fetus position, and laying flat on my back for the rest of my life.
PLease can you help us out?? I have left emails for you, just hope to god your still reading them. If i don't hear from you in a few days i wont bother you anymore. I am pleading for your help, and what it is i need to do.... PLEASE Debi

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Do I need a pain management doctor in Chicago if I don’t take the strong opiates daily? For cost effectiveness though I take Exalgo 16 ER once daily or 12 mg ER 2x daily and 6 Percocet every 4 hours as needed. My internal medicine doctor prescribed them but retired and now I’m having trouble finding a doctor because I get very offended when they look at me like a drug seeker. My psychiatrist and psychologist both can attest to the falsehood of such a grossly inaccurate label. Doctors took an oath, so doing what is right should come before government recommendations or we would still have Jim Crow laws! {edited for privacy} but I’m hoping that if nothing works in this urgent search, I will petition the alderman in my district to do something for my case which is most visible and verifiable.

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Re: Joel (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Why are you on 2 ER meds?? And 6 Percocet every 4 hours is heavy pain medication use!! Never heard of anyone taking 2 extended release meds at the same time, makes no sense. If people were really in the severe pain they claim to be they'd be dead from the high blood pressure. Severe pain causes your blood pressure to sky rocket. If you have severe ongoing pain the lowest doses possible should be administered and anything in high doses/milligrams is only going to keep you in a drug induced state.

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