Doctors That Prescribe Suboxone And Klonipin Philadelphia

jojo Says:

trying to find a dr in philadelphia that prescribes suboxone and klomipin or zannaz have extreme anxiety.panic attacks and already take suboxone

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Jacky Says:

Hi just wanted to see if you found a Dr? Jojo because I'm in the same boat

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Mandy Says:

I am in Tennessee I don't really think a doctor will really allow you to take both of them at the same time I am on bunavail and Xanax and that is just because both of my doctor speak to each other at the same time they let me take three bars a day and I'm allowed to bunavail the day but I only take one bunavail and my three bars

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Maddi Says:

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What doctor do you go to? I just moved to Knoxville an am looking for a doctor that will prescribe me any benzo really I used to be on klonipin in WA but honestly idc which one as long as I feel better lol

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Maddi Says:

Re: Maddi (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Ha that’s funny I just moved to Knoxville from WA state too and am looking for the same thing

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Maddi Says:

Re: Maddi (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I also used to be on klonipin when I lived there too! Haha that’s funny af.

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