Doctor Near Me That Prescribes Xanax

Fatimah Says:

I am in the process of looking for a new doctor. I get xanax prescribed for my anxiety and post traumatic stress. Please help me find a doctor that will continue. I hate change and this is making me more anxious.

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EDDY Says:

Nobody knows where "near you" means, and even then no one can really help as this is something you will need to do on your own

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Fatimah Says:

Oh I didn't know I thought I Googled it and phone phone would give me doctors in my area. I didn't know random ppl was gonna respond, but I feel you and thanks

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EDDY Says:

Well we didn't say we don't want to help. If you can let us know where you are looking perhaps the community can assist? I need to get a Smartphone although I have had no problem obtaining Xanax, just reading small monitors. I'd much rather have the phone talk to me! Good luck on your search and don't find yourself running out if you are currently taking it. I'm sure your phone would not warn you about the dangers of withdrawal with Xanax like we can. An effective medicine that has a very dark side.

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James Says:

Im am located in atlanta ga and am in need of a doctor who perscribes xanax 2mg 90ct. I jave been geting them from a doctor here but think its time to change. Any online or dr info would be greatley appreciated. Thank james

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Truzee85 Says:

In Dallas,Tx. 75244 area & in need of a new Dr who prescribes xanax & Adderal. Please help if you know any Drs in this area....thank you!

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David L Says:

I need a good doctor near Omaha Nebraska that will prescribe a beano under the right circumstance. I 've been on the in the past but I'm 28 about to be 29 and have a 18 month on girl and another one otw. So I'm afraid my disorder will start affecting my family. Plz help thanks david.

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