Doctor Has Prescribed Evion As Iam Suffering From Leg Pain Is This A Correct Medicines For Me Iam 36 Years Old Please Advise

Rassu Says:

hI, I am 36 yrs old working lade suffering lower waist pain and civiour leg pain. doctor has prescribed evion as iam suffering from leg pain is this a correct medicines for me iam 36 years old please advise

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Verwon Says:

HI, Rassu! Sorry about the pain you've been having. How are you feeling today?

Evion is actually just a nutritional supplement that contains Vitamin E, so I am really not sure how much it is going to help you with such pain.

There are some supplements that support the nerves and can help with some types of nerve pain, but they are usually B vitamins, not vitamin E.

Did he say what's causing the pain?

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MissRebekahJ Says:

I'm not a doctor. I'm just an old woman with many years of pain. This is for anyone even pregnant women or nursing mothers that need relief from throbbing aching pain in their legs. This even works for men. Get some support/compression stockings. The tough kind that don't snag. Get a color to not look to out of place for when you work. If you need to, wear socks or sheer stockings over them to hide them better. Knee highs should be sufficient. Do not use full 'panty hose' style if you can avoid them. They are hard to put on and can be quite warm. Causing a person to over heat. Get a good potassium supplement and magnesium. Take these 2or 3 times a week. Get a zinc supplement and take 3 the first morning and evening, 2 the second day, morning and evening, then 1 every couple of days. If you stager the supplements then you'll have some everyday. These are practical aids to relieve muscle pain and the zinc builds the immune system and reduces stress.

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