Diet Pills Available Only In Meixco

Becca Says:

I am looking for a diet pill that is a round green pill that comes 10 in a pack in a thick aluminum foil. It will have small hand writing and the name of it. I have forgotten the name of it and i am searching for this diet pill. Could you please help me find these diet pills. I know they come from a pharmacy in El Paso, Mexico.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Becca! How are you?

I'm sorry, but I have no information on these. Mexico doesn't regulate its medications like the U.S. and Canada do, which makes it very difficult and the color really isn't enough to go on.

Does anyone else have any idea?

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Karenztime Says:


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Esmie Says:

I am thinking you are talking about Ifanorex which is a great mexican diet pill.. also there is acxion but that gives a very bad mood change.. also terfamex and neobes..redotex is #1 but you gain your weight back after you leave it..but it is the #1 best mx diet pill.. i live right next to the border so i have tried all these.

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Carolina Says:

I think you are taking about ones that are called maizitang there from chin really good and really chep

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Bob Says:

El Paso, Mexico? LOL

Alipotec or tecojote root maybe?

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Shayla Says:

I'm trying to find a pill that burns fat quickly. I know they have it in TJ and you go every week to the doctor but I live in San Diego so I can't go every week. Can you tell me if you know the name of it? One of my friends who is taking it said there's no package, it's just the container with pills in it.

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lillia Says:

Re: Esmie (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Do you know what color bead represents each ingredient in Redotex?

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Enedelia Says:

Re: Karenztime (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Redotex come in a clear capsule and it's little pebbles inside are pink ,black and white.

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