Diazepam Msj

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small blue tablet with msj on 1 side and line on the other side

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sarnie Says:

i have found some small round blue tablets with mjs on them in my grand-daughters bedroom can you anyone tell me what they are for

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Verwon Says:

I cannot find anything on this, are you quite certain of the imprint?

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sarnie Says:

sorry the small blue pills have msj on them not mjs that i found

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sun Says:

The small blue MJS pills are generic 10mg diazepam (valium) it is a benzodiazapine so I would talk with her

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chasy Says:

i got some diazepam with msj on them can someone tell me if they actually r diazepam as i dont seem 2 feel them like the english dark bule ones. have i been given the right medication?

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david turner Says:

sarnie who found small blue tablets are valium and very dangerous ,especially if she got them of someone in the street cos the street ones r usually crushed down and mixed wi other stuff then they r pressed together again with special machine ,they r very addictive ,and make u forget things and your always tired ,if the person you know is taking them ,just watch out for the symptoms,she might b taking other drugs and using the valium to come down and get a sleep,they r from sweden so tou cnt get them in this country,so i think they must be street valium

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chris Says:

my cousin has been takin them msj's when needed an gave me a couple to help me get some sleep an they worked but he cant get them anymore in cardiff any 1 know different?

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Osijy Says:

MSJ Small Blue,snapline on opposite side,Tub says they where from Sri Lanka !! Not made my mind up on these yet but seem to taste exactly right.

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tommo Says:

all out there.the small blue tablet pressed\msj on one side and a line on the other.they are 100% diazepam tablets from sri lanka.just another generic name.

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paula Says:

sarnie i bought some thinkig they would help with anxiety my sister i law is swedish she told me they are highly dangerous known for treating dogs in sweden, please be careful

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jamiew27 Says:

msj r real valium they r imported from sweden. also they r a bit stronger than uk ones.

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kelly Says:

i got msj are they diazepam? i read there vals for dogs and if tooken by humans can lead to death what are they? thanks

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thos Says:

absolute rubbish msj's are made in sweden and can vary in strenght small blue in size can range from 10mg to 40 mg depending on what batch you get

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deano Says:

they are diazepam aka valium

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Lauren Says:

Can one tell me where to fill my prescription valium or msj's ? i suffer from bad anxiety.

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grubbiestraptor Says:

are the dark blue almost teal real

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Scooby Doo Says:

Thanks for clearing that up. Got told they were for dogs too...Paul.

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crossy Says:

I've yella ones msj on them they r diazapam there coming out of switzerland and carry a sweet health warning not bin passed by dft

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the trembler Says:

There are blue tablets going around with msg and msj, they can be big and small, yellow too, have a line, a "10" and a 5". Some are "good" some are "garbage", some are dangerous. Most have valium in them. The most common other drug is amitriptyline, the most common substance, on average, found in the fake msg's and varient is 'chalk'!

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leah Says:

Iv been on msj now for 2 years. Because i suffer from bad anxiety. And my nerves are everywhere. And i have read that they are very dangerous. But i dont feel right if i dont take them. I have depression also. Really dont know what to do anymore. And im only 27.

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