Diazepam 5mg Yellow Tablet On One Side ) On Other Side A 273

annie Says:

hiya,ive got some diazepam from my pharmacist but I haven't had these ones before, I just want to check they are ok, they are a round yellow tablet and on one side they have ) on it and it has A and below that 273 are they ok, please help?

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Mushroom77 Says:

If they come from chemist then they are real I have same ones but mine come in a doset box so couldn't tell u the make if u could tell me whether they are activis or almus or even crescent I can give u more info

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Tony Says:

Have you tried them? also google them, and see if you got it from a big nown pharmacy then you should have no problems,also I see a lot of people ordering these medications online and then they complain about the medication never order medication online

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Jane Says:

Hi I have These yellow ones but I bought them online...They seem fine I've had 2...anyone else had them...thanks...they have A273 on one side and a ) on the other....jane

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Kevin Says:

Hello Annie,

If your pharmacist is the one who gave you the pills it is unlikely that you are getting fake pills but just to be sure I looked up the medication. According to the UK medicines website, the tablet that you are describing is a legitimate 5mg diazepam tablet. The go on to show that 10mg diazepam is imprinted with A 278;) on a blue round pill. 2mg diazepam is imprinted A 272;) on a white round pill.

They also list quite a few pictures of commonly sold fake pill imprints as well as a few drugs that get falsely sold under the name of diazepam.

I hope this information helps.

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Crofty Says:

I get these regularly and have taken diazepam for 25 years. They are fine, A273 one side) on the other (crescent). Crescent pharmaceuticals. Don't worry.

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Big Al Says:

Re: Jane (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

The ones you are describing are the same as the ones I get from the Chemist so they are real. That source is 100%.

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Crofty Says:

Yes they are 5mg diazepam. Made by crescent pharmaceuticals hence the ) which apparently is a crescent and not a smiley. I get these 2 out of 3 times when I get my repeat. They're just the same but when u chew them they break apart easier. I think they are just cheaper for the pharmacy to purchase personally. Same effect don't worry.

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Windy Says:

Anne do they diazipam have a shape like a smiley face on the other side, cause I got some and am not sure about them either

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