Diazepam 10mg C Dc Are They Fake?

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Jeni Says:

Diazepam 10mg c dc light blue with the letter C above score line and DC bellow line. Says Actavis on strip. They do not look like other brands I have used in the past. How can I tell if they're from the manufacturer I usually get my scripts filled with? I would be grateful for any input. Thanks.

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roy Says:

yes they work these c-dc diazipan pills they are the 3 worlds top leading pharmacutical company in the world so i would say yes they're ok to use. actavis is the company who makes them. they are a top company.

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Nigel Says:

Please can u help?... I live in Australia, suffer terrible Anxiety & Panic Attacks... Doctor prescribes me 5mg Diazepam to take as needed, but as needed is not enough.. 10mg not available here... Long story short, bought online several times from different sites & either been ripped off with fakes or our Customs (very strict here) seized them.... I'm sick of being ripped off! Appreciate any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated.. Nigel

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Andy Says:
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Just seen your post while trying to gather some information myself. I'm in a similar situation to yourself, I'm now living in France but my doc will only prescribe me bromazapam which doesn't work like the valium I had in the uk. Any advice greatly appreciated!

Many thanks A.

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David Says:


Sorry to hear about your challenges with anxiety and panic attacks. If you ask me, it sounds like your best bet would be to just go back to the same Dr. and ask for a larger quantity in your prescription. Someone who has a true legitimate need, as you say you do, for a medication like this, should be given some leniency in how you wish to be treated as a patient and paying customer. It seems like it's at least worth asking before having to worry about finding an honest web-based pharmacy.

Hope this helps!

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Nigel Says:


Yes, I agree, you are right.. I am due to see my doctor again on the 8th of October.. I will certainly be having this discussion with him, but like most Doctors my experience is that if they think you may be at risk of addiction, regardless of whether or not the medication is helping you to live a normal life, they become 'hell-bent' on trying to get you off them rather than just accept the fact that if that's what it takes then so be it....That's why and how people like me end up trawling the net in search of a 'reputable pharmacy' which is somewhat of an oxymoron I know!.. Thanks for your advice anyway... Kind Regards.. Nigel

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roy Says:

if you have bad anxiety you need to try mitizapine they are really good trust me on this.ask your GP about.diazipam are addictive and are only prescribed for short term use over 2 to 3 weeks.get off the benzos they are no good mentally.spelt with errors sorry.

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Nigel Says:


I think the medication you are referring to roy is Mirtazapine (30mg), & yes you are right, It has helped me tremendously with my Anxiety.. However, because I suffer both deep Depression AND Acute Anxiety (both congenital, runs in my family.. one relative committed suicide with it, while another was 'committed' to an Institution for 5 years & my mother had a 6 year long nervous meltdown.. Amazingly my only younger brother escaped both of these debilitating conditions.. go figure?!!).. I regularly see a psychiatrist (they can prescribe medication while a psychologist can't), & he has me on BOTH Effexor (which treats the depression) AND Mirtazapine (which compliments the Effexor but is most effective at treating the Anxiety... But now my 3rd nemesis comes in to play, which is severe (usually out of the blue although 'stressors' seem to be the overriding trigger), and he (psychiatrist) allows me small doses of 5mg Valium (Diazepam) tablets on an as needs basis to control the Panic Attacks... I may go several days without ANY Valium or depending on my stress levels & severity of Panic Attacks I may need up to 15mg in a day.... Where I come unstuck is at times I feel I'm on TOO MUCH medication (and convince myself that if other people can get through life without medication, why can't I ??!!), then I start self medicating trying to cut one or more of the medications out and wind up with withdrawal symptoms which in turn starts the whole cycle of Anxiety=Depression=Panic Attacks!!!... Sorry to bore you all with so much information, but I guess the moral of the story (my story anyway) is to ACCEPT that I have an inherited ILLNESS and therefore should just STAY on medication under supervision of my Psychiatrist... After-all, which is better? quality of life with medication or NO quality of life WITHOUT medication??! Hope this story helps somebody.. Good luck to you all..Godbless, Nigel.

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vally1975 Says:

Actavis are 100% real.dc..break line..cerated edge with a 10 nder break line. 14 per strip..light blue colour and sweet taste. manufactured in devon in uk. Teva is same..made in kent. I have high anxiety due to condition called Gastroparesis..paraliss of the stomach. Hope that clears actavis question. blue rectangle box purple n white. tevas white box with turquoise blue..

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Cammy Says:
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Unless you got them from doctor they are fake although identical look to real actives. Teva are the same, that's why they are 42 for £10. I got my script filled with them a few times and are def no good.

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stevie Says:

@ Nigel sorry mate i posted that too soon without hearing the rest of your story. I can't get off my doctor i am on trazodone but a don't take them as the side effects are too strong a keep asking for valium but will not get them off him - hence my last reply. Sorry mate take care.

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Me Says:
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You can if there by Gideon ritcher 10 milligram.

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goodbutstillfakes Says:
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Yep mate the teva/activa 10mg doing the rounds here in Scotland are Chinese copies. Boxed with leaflets and the tabs and blisters are identical to the real mcoy! But there are thousands upon thousands doing the rounds. Years ago you were ecstatic to buy a full box off an alcoholic leaving a chemists!! So just think about the amount around these days esp with docs unwilling to prescribe them anymore...

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archie Says:
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There is. 5ml activis boxes going around Glasgow an 4 sum reason sum boxes are stronger I led deck recommend them

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goodbutstillfakes Says:
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You will most probably will feel something from 4 of them but the dose seems to change from batch to batch?.This should never happen if your getting 10mg valium as the active ingredient should be exactly 10mg EVERYTIME!!.Having said that at least they do have the sweet taste you associate with diazapam as the last 2 types I've bought on the street wwd10/mano were chalky horrible tasting things I.e (Deffo not diazapam!!)

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tody Says:

look these 5mg diazepam are fake but you might still get the same effect,but if you can get a hold of proper 5mg diazepam doctors ones from a chemist check the size of the fake to the real ones

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bluey Says:
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Yeah I agree its to good to be true there all over the place taste and look real but surely they aren't

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trudi Says:
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Hi, I have been prescribed the same Actavis CDC for a while. I live in the UK. Then I was told they're fake cause sycosis. I looked up on the net and saw police warnings against pills that make you strip off and go nuts!! Not them and I've never felt like stripping off or gone nuts. Got a pack today, read the box & leaflet. All look 100% genuine. I have cancer but got 2 young kids. Try to clean wash cook but I'm slower. Get very anxious I suffer anxiety attacks anyway. My old doctor would prescribe me 5 mg & codeine after my op. Had all lymph nodes removed on right & I'm right handed. Now overdone it got lymphoma swollen arm wear a stupid compression sleeve plus chemo left me with nerve damage hands & feet get numb. At least I eventually got benefit. Cancer wasn't iil enough apparently. But nerve damage is. Couldn't believe it DWP said no!!! Anyway my doctor now refuses diazepam's and tells me 3 ibuprofen a day. Ha they don't touch it. Hope that helped

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zweetgal Says:
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These cdc are everywhere. ....There is some sort of relaxant in there but something depressing too ...sends my mind in spizzle

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