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My doctor gave me Diane 35 as an emergency contraceptive pill to take within 24 hrs of unprotected sex. I had to eat 6 tablets a day.. (2 tabs ..3 times in a day)? This I had to follow for 3 days.. I.e. 18 tabs in 3 days. I started having this medicine in the evening of the same day. And continues it for next 3 days. So I ate 20 tabs in total. As per doc, after I eat this for 3 days and stop, I should get my period after 3-7 days. It's been 9 days and I haven't got my period yet. Usually my periods always get late by 5-7 days than the date I got it in last month. Is it because of this? Is there anything to worry? Should I wait more to get my period or should go for pregnancy test? Pls help.

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Hi Ladies, this is the scenario. My last pill was last Nov 23 Wednesday and i will wait for my period for 7days. I got my period on saturday-Nov 26 and my last mens was Nov30 (5days). It says that you have to take on the 7th or 8th day which is on Dec 2 but i forgot to take Or start a New DIANE PILLS. Now its my 11th day and take note we have unprotected sex after my period. Will i get pregnant na ba agad? But i will start taking pills today.

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i had unprotected sex last march 10 3am.then i took 4 tab pills at 16:30pm the same day then another diane pills 4 tab after 12 hours 04:30am.then stop taking afterwards i just read in the internet that it can be done as emergncy contrceptive pills.diane pills then 8 tab.my lmp was feb 28.when will be my nxt period?is it effective to prevent pregnancy..

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I had my last menstrual cycle on march 10th 2017, and I took diane 35 on the last day of my period and had an unprotected sex with my boyfriend on march 29th 2017. When will my next expected menstrual period be if I did not get pregnant? Shall I wait to finish these 21 pills before my cycle starts again? I'm on my 11th day of taking the pills.

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I had unprotected sex last april 5th at almost 12 midnight. I am not really sexually active. The last time i had sex before i had it again on april 5 was i think on the first week of march, or second. I can't remember exactly when my LMP was but it was on march 20 up..

2 days after i had unprotected sex (march 8) at 9 am, I started taking diane 35 but only a single dose. I am still taking it until now. I have not consulted with an OB Gyne. I'm worried that even I'm taking the pill, I would still get pregnant. Please help..

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i would like to ask if the diane 35 you had taken before was effective?

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My last menstruation was on april 22nd and i took diane contraceptive pills on the 24th. I will be meeting up with my boyfriend in one week time. Will i still be safe then?

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Last month nagtake ako Ng Diane then after maubos, nagkaroon ako after 5 days per one day lang. Then after 4 days from date of menses nag contact kami. May chance ba na nabuntis ako Kung Wala kaming any contraceptive na ginmit?

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I have sex with my bf and his condom accidentally broken but when we're having sex I was so dry do I have any chance of getting pregnant even I didn't get wet or I didn't cum?

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Is it effective??what happened na sayo.. I'm eager to know kung effective ba talaga ang Diane 35 as ECP thank you

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Hi. Last men's ko was June 26 I have contact July 19, July 20 uminom agad ako 4 tabs nfg Diane then 4tabs again after 12he's. This July 28, nagspotting lang. Expected days ko yan magkaron. July 30 spot lang din. Possible kaya na men's ko na in or signs of pregnancy?? Dpa ko nakapag take ng pt

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Please help. I got my first period on july 3rd, then took diane contraceptive pills on july 7th. Then I had intercourse with my bf on july 10th. Was I protected from getting pregnant at that time? Thanks.

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Hi. I just want to know if i started taking diane-35 on july 10th, 2017 and then had intercourse on july 28th, 2017, will it be possible for me to get pregnant? My diane pills were finished on july 30th.

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I'm into family planning and i'm taking diane contraceptive pills. I'm back as a student and I wanna try memory plus gold. Will it be ok to take this capsule along with my contraceptive pills? Thanks.

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Hi, my menstruation ended a week ago. My husband will be having his vacation maybe on the second week of September. I need to take some pills in order for me not to get pregnant. Can I take diane 35 even though I'm not on my period?

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Hi I'm Accir..I started taking diane-35 pills on Aug. 17th this year and on Aug.19th I had sex with my bf... I'm worried that I'll get pregnant as my last period cycle was July 29th-Aug. 4th... I had spotting that started Aug. 26th...till now. Am I pregnant or is it a side effect of diane?

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Hi, I'm Glenda. Meron po akong pcos. Db10 before gamit ko pero nd ako hiyang at nd gumaganda skin ko po. Last 2014 ko pa po yun na gamit. Now na umuwi na ko ndi pa din ako dinadatnan. Gusto ko po sana e try ang diane 35. Pero I'm in doubt po kasi before sa db10 parang twice a yung take ko nun then parang 6 days lang yung duration e yung diane po 21 days at once a day lang. Pls enlighten me more. Salamat.

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Hi. Can i take diane pills on the fourth day of my period? I'm taking althea and am about to switch to diane, but my 7 days rest period will end on saturday and i started my menses yesterday. Should i take diane now or should i wait until sunday? TIA

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Hi. I've been taking Diane 35 for a year. I skipped the 7 days break because I want to delay my period for our team building. Now I have had brown spotting for 3 days already and I'm worried, as this is the first time it happened to me while taking the pills. Can someone give me advice? Thanks!

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Did u get pregnant?? When u took 2diane pills every 8hrs for 3days as an emergency pill??

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Hi... I'm a first timer of taking diane-35 pills. My second pack just finished last night and then I had intercourse with my bf on the first night of the off-pills... Is there a possibility that I'll get pregnant?

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Hi, I would like to know if there's a chance that I could get pregnant if I take Diane contraceptive pills for 5 days leading up to intercourse? Also, is it safe?

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jing21 (# 13) --

Tapos na po ako sa ist pack ng diane pills. Waiting for my menstruation at 5 days free pill dinatnan po ako.Tanong ko lang po, safe na po bang makipagsex at 4th day ng mens sa 2nd pack? Or need po uli maghintay ng 7 days for rhe effectivity? Again po second pack ko na po

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First time ko pong mag take Ng Diane 35, pwede Po ba mag take after regla?

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Hi Kristina #1! May I know if you got pregnant after you took Diane?

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Re: maya (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

How you doing now? It's been 9 months since you posted here. Did you get pregnant?

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Re: Alex (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Alex, from your post before about the condom being broken and u are super dry, it's the same thing happening to me. Question is, did u get pregnant? I have the same condition now and I took 2 diane 35 pills this morning and later I will be taking 2 more as my doctor suggested.

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I had unprotected sex and I had to use Diane 35. It says that it can also be used as "Morning After Pill", 4tabs then 4tabs after 12hrs then done right? How will I use Diane 35 as birth control if I used it as Emergency Pill?

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I need reply based on this scenario of yours. Taking diane 35 18tabs for 3 days as an emergency pill after having unprocted sex. is it effective? This is urgent pls

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Can i start taking diane-35 pills now for birth control even if it's not on my first day of menstruation?

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Hello. I'm 36 years old, married and have been taking diane 35 for the last four months. I usually start taking the tablets on the 5th day of my period, but this time I took the pill on the 7th day. Will it still work as a contraceptive?

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