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monika Says:


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Verwon Says:

I cannot post a picture, due to copyright reasons, however, I can tell you from the imprint that this is, indeed, 10mgs of Dextroamphetamine, a generic for Dexedrine. This is a stimulant medication.

Common side effects may include: nausea, insomnia, decreased appetite and headache.

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4hunter4 Says:

Most likely Shire. What I like about Shire is they use less fillers so their pills are small. Been taking Teva/Barr for years, Walgreens mysteriously ran out, after 6 weeks I had to go to Fred Meyers in Oregon, they sold me Shire. All subjective of course - I like Shire a little better then Teva/Barr.

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Ridgerunner007 Says:

Just a short memo, (I realize this thread is on average, about eight years old). I have some target specific thoughts and facts, but, TBH, my resources are not nearby, atm. FWIW. I will leave some statements, (FYI) that I intend to back up with "references" about the disturbing trend we all see in ADHD/ Narcolepy meds, & and now many other ethical pharmaceutical meds.

A. There has been dozens of major lawsuits, since 2011-2012, that were imo "long overdue". From many states AG's, from much data I have read on this source.

B. Strong evidence & proof of price fixing, with millions & millions of fines, levied on major USA & some foreign based huge pharmaceutical companies.

C. One example (of several) without my complete sources: is the pharma co. called: Actavis (formerly known as USA Watson Pharmaceuticals) imho a well respected mostly generic pharma firm, bought out by Actavis plc in the year 2012. (prior to the acquisition of Allergan, Inc. (a global pharma co. hdqtrs in Dublin, Ireland, & administrative offices in Parsippany-Troy Hills, New Jersey, USA.

A series of more mergers, in (2015) Actavis changed its name to Allergan plc., out-licensing some of its non USA products to Medis, &, in the USA to Anda, Inc, only later in year 2015 to sell its generic division of Allergan PLC, back to Medis, and, to Teva Pharma, for alleged $40.5 billion. In December of 2016, the company was accused of breaking competition law, by charging "Excessive and unfair practices" with in year 2015 reached commercial reach across 100 countries. (also 3 more pharma firms, in the 2013-2014 period) + approx 8 more pharma firms from 2006 to approx 2011. "references about forty four + the already mentioned (too many to list), Imho. In the USA, for Actavis pharmaceutical meds, for ADD, ADHD, Narcolepsy, from 2010, (imho in the rising peak of rx's dispensed, (just before the "so called shortage of stimulants in USA", Actavis, had in USA $7.9 bn spent by consumers on those meds, vs. in 2014, the USA dollars spent were $10.1 bn spent.

Comment: this source is from Pharmacy Times July 15, 2015 issue. Due to the publicity likely of being on the open & free flowing internet, I must plead the 5th Amendment, (in terms of my opinion of Actavis USA, & Europe based Allergan PLC.

Prior to this, Teva Pharmaceuticals / Actavis PLC acquired UK based Auden McKenzie, (2015) and in (2014) acquired, Durata Therapeutics, also in (2014) acquired Forest Labs All I can say, is that the international reputation of Actavis / Allergan, likely has NOT been helped. (since the litigation) in the USA & other countries, (i.e. Europe). (in the past 4 to 5 years).

Another huge international firm, especially for us linked to, ADD/ADHD, Narcolepsy ethical pharmaceutical drugs, is the imo the intense number of lawsuits, faced in the USA division, of Tel Aviv Israel based world hdqtrs of Teva. FWIW, Teva, has been in numerous times in the past 3 years. (for such allegations of price fixing, and alleged collusion with pharmacies & wholesalers, with so many USA AG's. The fines levied, according to "Fierce Pharmacy" have been so high, that Teva, who once had, the hottest selling ADHD instant release generic medication for ADHD as generic Adderall, in 5 mg, 7.5mg, 10mg, 12.5 mg, 15 mg, 20 mg, and 30 mg dose levels, allegedly, had due to the Sherman Act had to "so called farm out, or, have numerous agencies of the USA government, split up the Teva, USA division, in, Sellersville, PA 18960, and other mfg locations, to make the mixed amphetamine salts, NDC code for the generic for Glaxo Smith Kline Dexedrine Spansule 15mg as, dextroamphetamine capsule extended release 15 mg, AWP in REDBOOK for 2009 only #100 for US $257.01 NDC code 00555-0956-02 ) C-II, Orange Book rating "AB" the same as former GSK/ GSB/ SKF Dexedrine Spansules NDC code #90 00007-3514-59 for RedBook AWB of only US $300.06.(Also rated Orange Book code "AB") for a very long tested stimulant that was patented in the year 1952 !!Correct me if I am wrong, please, GSK sold 100% of the rights of production to Amedra at the end of the yr 2010 !! + sold all worldwide rights to another pharma in Canada & the UK !

The last I heard (or saw a Teva/Barr 15 mg capsule was in the year 2016) !

To make matters worse, "Rexer Pharmacal Corp" of 396 Rockaway Ave, Valley Stream, NY 11581, under division, "Obetrol Pharmaceuticals" I quote "had the identical formula of 4 mixed amphetamine salts, from the year 1964, until 1994, NDC Code 00477-5432-01 in bottles of #100 ten mg tablets Instant Release in the last year they were manufactured for a Average Wholesale Price of US $46.06 & a bottle of #100 twenty mg tablets (again I/R) AWP were only US $67.03

while in mid year of 1994 Obetrol made a deal with Richwood of Florence, KY, with the identical formula, with a "madison avenue name change" to Adderall instant release for the "identical price" during the changeover in 1994 ! both for the original 10 mg & the 20mg I/R tabs, and back 26 years ago, both mfgs manufactured both sizes in #100 count bottles, #500 count bottles and #1,000 count bottles.We can thank our DEA and other government agencies the news press, for the so-called "abuse problem" and finally the greedy, self absorbed, USA pharmaceutical industry, for, the price hiking and the so-called "shortages, proven to gouge the citizens of the USA," imho to set us back now for at least, almost 50 years !! (back to the early 1970's).

Source for Obetrol, and Adderall, 1964 to 1994 from PDR 1974 (28th edition) pg 1201 + REDBOOK (98th edition) for year 1994, and PDR Generics, 1st edition, page 160 and 161, (1995) Medical Economics, Montvale NJ 07645-1742 (sorry not edited for errors). I may offer more references, at a more appropriate time, about the ever changing worldwide pharmaceutical industry. Sorry for my wall of text.

As you all know by now, the Average Retail Price is in way in excess of over US 1,000.00 for a bottle of #90, if not as high as $1,500.00 for only 90 Dexedrine Spansules, "that is if you can even find them" !!

From the alleged source and, many of the top executives in the USA resigned, and fled from their jobs, + ten of thousands of employees were laid off, in the USA and worldwide, in the approximately era of 2018/2019 !It also appears the once well received generic Dextroamphetamine ER capsule, (half brown, half clear( with the all white beads) embossed simply "Barr"

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