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Sweetie pie Says:

My husband is on 12 mg of Decadron a day for brain swelling due to brain tumor radiation treatments. He is a type 2 diabetic and his blood sugar goes sky high, often over 300. He is taking Ameril 4 mg 2x daily plus1000 mg metformin 2x daily. He has just been prescribed insulin to help lower his sugar levels. How often should I check his sugar? The directions say check before meals, what about snacks?

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Sweetie Pie! How is your husband doing?

The steroid in the Decadron can cause elevation of his blood sugar levels, which likely explains why it was going so high.

You should double check with his doctor, but checking for snacks could also be a good idea, if for nothing else than to give you a good baseline reading of where he's at, at any given time.

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Sweetie pie Says:

I've been checking his blood sugar before snacks and giving insulin as needed. He has started a second round of Temador this week and is doing very well considering his condition. Thank you for the reply.

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