Crushing Intuniv

omy Says:

My son has autism and Intuniv is working good with the behavior.I really like what i'm seeing but I have to crushed it to give it to him and hide it in peanut butter, I read in the safety information that you should not crushed Intuniv, Of course I want to stop doing it, but now I don't know what to do to give it to him. There no way for him to swallow the pill. Please, any suggestion? It come liquid?

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HJW Says:

I am having the same problem. Only my son has only been on Intunive for 4 days but he absolutely can't swallow the pill. He has Sensory Processing Disorder. I want to know if it is safe for him to chew the pill? I know it says not to but it is the only way he will take it. I was told it only comes in a pill liquid. Help!

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K Mosino Says:

Hi there,
my son was having a hard time taking the pill. after trying to get him to take it with water, i stuck it in a spoonfull of yogurt, and told him to swallow the yogurt without chewing. it worked, the hard part is getting him to want to take it! LOL, but its only been 4 days that he is on medication. Good luck

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devlzadvoct Says:

Put it in applesauce or yogurt... it will be easy for him to swallow. I used this trick for my son until he became accustomed to swallowing pills. Make sure you give him the spoonful and watch to be sure he swallowed.

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Kim Says:

my son has been on medications for several years now and takes his pills in apple sauce without chewing them. he can sometimes swallow a pill now without apple sauce and just a drink, but I have to coach him through it. I'm interested in the medication Inunive also because he just started it tonight. Please let me know how your kids are doing on it. Thx. - Kim

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chris Says:

my son is now taking intuniv, when he would chew the pill we saw a horrible change in his behavior now that he is swallowong the pill he is much better, i ordered a special cup oraflo.... it works by placing pill in spout and when the child takes a drink it goes down with the swallowing reflex... good luck

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Mary Says:

I have the same problem with my son, i crushed a 1 mg intuniv and mixed it with ice cream. what mg is your son taking? is he having any side effects from crushing it. How long have you been crushing it.

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twinsmom Says:

My sons doctor told me that if u crush intuniv that it can lower blood pressure dramatically. My son takes it in pudding and they said if he chews it a little he will be alright, but he swallows it well.

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Pippa Says:

Hi Mary. I did the exact same thing this morning. My son just started intuniv and can't swollow the pill. Crushing it up and putting it in ice cream worked! But, he has been sleeping for 3 hours now! I called the Dr. He said to let him sleep it off and I am going in tomorrow to discuss the issues we are having with swallowing the pill and talking about possibly changing to something else? How is your son doing on intuniv now? Do you still crush it and did it make him sleepy? thanks!

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Sirlinda Says:

Hi where did you get the tool to help your son swallow the pill from, My so donb't take pills yet and all his med come in a pill form.

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Bo Says:

Wait, you mean you crushed an extended release drug that isn't recommended to be taken with a high fat meal, and mixed it with a high fat food? Let's completely ignore that crushing it will release a much larger dose than wanted, and that mixing it with fatty foods makes the effects worse too. Thank goodness it wasn't his first time taking the pill either...

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Heather Says:

OMG hopefully no one is still crushing the pill! It's a time release pill( it let's small amounts of medicine into body throughout 24 hours. ) giving the med crushed will give your child too much at one time and can send them to ER. This med is also a blood pressure lowering med. parents please read directions, you can save your gild life!

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JJ Says:

Find another way to get them to take the pill. Do not crush this one. It is designed for time release. The sudden influx of medicine into the blood can actually cause a rapid drop in blood pressure. Black outs and possibly stroke conditions.

Find something, some way or what ever. DONT CRUSH IT!

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MMT Says:

My son was given Intuniv and his DR prescribed 1 mg given as 1/2 a tablet twice a day because of his age. I figured he would be on this dose for at least 30 days so I bought a pill cutter and cut all of them. Three days later his doctor changed his dosage to 2 mg a day. When I told them what I had done (breaking all the pills) they said as long as he gets two halves twice a day that would be fine. Needless to say I'm worried.

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Sarah Says:

Wrap it up in a little spuare of fruit-roll -up.

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Taffy Dugan Says:

My son learned to swallow pills by using M&Ms. We started with the minis and moved up to the regular size. With M&Ms if he didn't swallow them, he could eat them. Or if they got stuck in his throat, they dissolve easily.

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Anonymous Says:

Why are people disliking this?!?! I take intuniv as an adult and I though I got very sick when I crushed and swallowed them on accident... It's not just about the bad taste you are literally killing your children doing this!!! If I was effected as an adult think about what you are doing to your kids!! They are effected much more! Trust me! Please! I get it you are trying to get them to relax but there are ways to get them to take it as in swallowing it. I've taken pills ever since I was 7 years old ADHD as all get out. What do you all dislike the truth?! You are killing your kids that's the truth. You could let them take their pill with something tasty like chocolate milk reward them or something.... but trust me on this you could destroy their esophagus or worse if you crush it. Please stop. I've been in the hospital for this.

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Tina Says:

My son is now taking intuniv. He is on week two, last week it was 1 mg, and he did great! This week with the 2mg he is like a zombie. Last night was Halloween, he didn't even care to go, he is 6 years old. I don't want my child a zombie! That was one reason I waited so long to even put him on medication in the first place. But the Dr said this will not do that. Can we cut 2 mg in half or no?

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CC Says:

My 6 year old son is on 2mg Intuniv. He could not swallow pills at all until his sister tried putting it in a spoonful of applesauce. Since applesauce is just swallowed and has come texture anyways, it went down easily. He now takes all pills with applesauce. It is worth a try...

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Mel Says:

Um I think you've got it wrong. Everyone on here is simply asking for advice. No one wants to kill their kid! Until you've dealt with a child with autism that absolutely refuses to take a pill then you should keep your negativity to yourself. You're an adult who understands why you need to swallow the dang pill! Have some compassion. These parents care. That's why they are here on a forum asking for advice!

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GBL Says:

I taught my son to swallow pills the following way. If your child will drink soda or a carbonated drink pour some into a glass, put a straw in the glass. Put a mini m&m on the tongue and have the child take a drink right away through the straw. Repeat several time til comfortable then try it with the pill. Good luck!

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