Cream Baclofen Bupivacine Cyclobenzaprine Diclofenac

rm Says:

I just got a prescription for a "new" pain relieving cream from my Pain Management Center.

cream with baclofen 2% bupivacine 1% cyclobenzaprine 2% diclofenac 5%.

It does not have a "Name" - What is it?

are there side effects with topical use?

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Verwon Says:

This is something specially ordered by your doctor that needs to be made by a compounding pharmacy, so there is no name for it. Your doctor chooses the ingredients for the cream according to what they think will help you.

Both Baclofen and Cyclobenzaprine are muscle relaxants, the Bupivicaine is a local anesthetic and Diclofenac is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory.

And side effects should be minimal for topical use and may include skin irritation.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Ann Says:

I just got topical medication for achilles tendon damage and it too has no name and just a hand written sticker on it. Received it in the mail. I am not comfortable using this stuff....I researched the ingredients ketamine, Gabapentin,Baclofen,cyclobenzaprine, flurbiprofin....what is this stuff? Why would someone prescribe something with no label and to packagin insert?

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