Cor 225 Green Pill

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Is it a 15 mg oxycodone tablet?

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Verwon Says:

Yes, this does contain 15mgs of Oxycodone, a narcotic pain reliever.

Size: 6mm
NDC: 64720-225
Manufacturer: Core Pharma

Inactive Ingredient(s):
-lactose monohydrate
-magnesium stearate
-cellulose, microcrystalline
-sodium starch glycolate type a potato
-stearic acid
-fd&c blue no. 2
-d&c yellow no. 10

Common side effects may include: nausea drowsiness, dizziness and dry mouth.

Read more: https:/­/­­wiki/­Oxycodone/­

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LucilleBall Says:

Is the cor 225 15mg oxycodone tablet extended release or immediate release? I can't seem to find info on this anywhere. If you break the pill in half it's white on the inside. And they are scored as well.

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