Conzace Side Effects

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I want to know the side effects of conzace multi vitamins..I need more information about the said capsule.

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karen Says:

i want to know tha side effect of Conzace vitamines. This will help me to overcome stress?

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christine Says:

my mother is taking conzace and is complaining of itchiness after taking this vitamins. I just want to know if itchiness is one of its side effects when in fact it is indicated to treat skin disorders. Please help me with my query.thanks!

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Verwon Says:

Since there are vitamins and not drugs, the exact side effects are not know, nor are they proven to actually treat any particular condition.

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zap Says:

i want to know the side effects of conzase

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Girlie Says:

i want to know the side effect of conzace multivitamins?

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ej Says:

i want to know the side effect of conzace multivitamin before i start to take it.

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Elena L. Garcia Says:

Can you post my nickname as BBG, thanks

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Cherryl Lhyn Says:

all i know Vitamins (water-soluble) dont have any side effects... than fat-soluble vitamins which need to take it moderately

if u experience itchiness while taking conzace it is due to RETINOL... thats what i experience.

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Jo Says:

I want to know if taking a conzace vitamins safe for a breastfeeding mom.

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alex Says:

im just anew user of conzace but on my understanding and experience all vitamins like a d e are very good especially for those who are concious of being matured.Im 30 and i dont look on that age i look 22 yrs old only because ever since i was in a college days im taking vit. a they are anti oxidant that delay ageing..however there must be an RDA in tkaing vitamins ex. vita c is upto 1000 ml only beyond that will be dangerous bec the kidney might be damage things like that same thing with other non fat soluble vitamins.make sure youll choose the branded one ..alot more to say but have no time..thanks

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cOtton_caNdy Says:

we must be very careful in taking vit-a becouse it could be toxic to the body. excessive amounts of retinol in the body causes HYPERVITAMINOSIS A. it is characterized by violent headache, nausea and vomiting, thickening of the skin with fissures and peeling off, swollen painful long bones, coarse, sparse hair with alopecia (hair loss), gingivitis, cheilosis and hapatomegaly and spleenomegaly..

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missy Says:

i have a laryngopharyngeal reflux., can i take conzace vit.?

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Lily Says:

I want to know the side effect of conzace vitamins.

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rox Says:

my son is taking conzace i notice that he is very hiyang his acne cleared and when he stopped for awhile his pimples came back. my friend says that taking high dose of zinc might be bad for my son's prostate in the future. is it true?

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leasawal Says:

whats the side effect of conzace? its true that our kedney will be damage ?

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Tey Says:

I guess it all depends on how and what do we take with each vitamins. Here is a site from Unilab which explains what Conzace really is and what it has. It is also includes there how do we take it even contraindications. Just be reminded.. Too much of everything will do harm more than good.

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mlc Says:

ilang taon poh ba ung pwdeng mg take ng conzace???

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Charmaine Says:

.I am taking conzacs for almost a month now and my immune system us deteriorating. I am suffering now from extreme cough colds and tonsillitis. I am also experiencing headache from time to time. I am taking it after breakfast. I think conzace is good but not for all human.

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Bessie Says:

Re: ej (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

Hi! I want to know if there are any side effects of Conzace? What are those nd its manifestations.thank you.

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maglulupa Says:

april 21 2018
upon taking conzace, after about an hour or 45minutes, i suffer dizziness, headache, feels like i will vomit. i thought it was just an initial reaction. next day i again took conzace. same result. stopped conzace after 3days. same effect even after some years i stopped taking conzace. i wanted conzace coz of how potent the dosages are. zinc, vits. a, c & e which are really good for the body. just so happen i suffer negative effects right after taking conzace. pls advise why is this so. sayang. maganda sana conzace for the body.

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