Compounding Oxycodone And Tylenol Liquid

Deb Says:

Can oxycodone and tylenol be compounded together in a liquid form?

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David Says:

Hi Deb,

From what I understand, both medications in and of themselves (Oxycodone and Acetaminophen) are available as liquid/oral solutions. So it's very likely that you could get a compounding pharmacy to combine the two for you once you present them with a valid prescription from your doctor, for authorization.

I would just recommend consulting with a compounding pharmacist in your area first to see what it'll end up costing you and if there are any other pertinent details that you need to know about up front.

Hope this helps!

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Wendy Says:

I take oxycodone and then OTC liquid or children's tylenol, and it seems to work fine. If your pharmacy says they can't do it for you, you could ask your dr if this could work for you.

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