Colorado Springs Doctor Needed Fast

inez1918 Says:

I need to find a doctor in springs that is willing to prescribe me my pain meds without judgement. im not drug seeking and i have records but no mri for my diagnosed chronic pain... I am also on xanax for heavy stress. I have spent so much money already just to be looked at as a drug addict... can anyone help?

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Jab Says:

Any luck? I need the same ASAP

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kahlesi Says:

Looking. For doctor or anyone who can help me get soma...degenerative disc disease, severe arthritis, they'll give me ambien but not soma? When it works for all the pain and insomnia... help, was gonna try internet..but too afraid of scams.

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Mike Says:

I want to quit taking opiates. I'm 55 years old I want to quite taking morphine after 16 years of every day use.. It's come to get help or death! Just failed UA at pain Dr. and have been dismissed for bad ua . Any advice to become opiate free?I just want to live until I can find home for my family. My body is done. I want to live until I can make a home for family. Not so sick to finish. DONT know what to do? Cold world we live in. I just want to go to sleep and never wake up! But I can't. My loved ones need me.I'm at the point now where I'm willing to do anything to survive for them, teaching them not to give up!; is there help for me and my family??

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Amanda Says:

Go to a Suboxone Dr - it will help with everything you just said.

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