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Can anyone tell me if they have taken Collagena medica and if it has helped them? - Also if there are any known side effects?

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Verwon Says:

Collagena Medica is a supplement that contains Collagen, it is a natural substance found in our bodies in our joints and skin.

That said, whether or not it actually helps is not proven and the side effect profiles are not studied for it, since it is not an actual prescription drug.


Has anyone tried this?

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david Says:

yes I have tried collagena medica
and have notice a difference, my knees use to crack alot but they dont any more also my hands are not so painfull and the swelling is reducing

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Brendon Says:

My wife and I took Collagena Medica early this year. My wife is still taking a pll every second day. I had two moles on my shoulders that shrunk and disappeared after 2 months of taking it. They had been there for 3 years. Before the course, my wife's knees were getting worse, and her hip. Almost immediately she felt a bit better, and within a month she was 80% better. After 9 months all her arthritic symptoms have just about gone. I just asked her and she said her body feels looser. I can remember just going up steps for her was a big deal two years ago. We are in our 50's. From my experience, I can thoroughly recommend trying it, at least.

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Sandy Windsor Qld Says:

I have tried this product , and recommend it . I had a knee operation earlier this year, and the recovery process has been amazing. Also notice that my skin is looking great, less lines on the face. My mum has used it for athritis and has noticed a huge difference, is almost pain free. Great product.

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Suzanne Adele Says:

I used Collagena medica, the Capsuals and the face cream. The results were really good. My face skin is much firmer, and the elbow joint that was giving me trouble is now fine, Can't wait till the next supply arrives.will certainly continue using it.

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karen Says:

I have been using Collagenica medica for the past three months, and have so far not seen or felt any positive changes! I feel just the same..aches in elbow, knees,memory worse than ever, no improved eye sight,and I'm only 49!

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Brendon Says:

Hi Karen,

I posted on here before that it did us good. I did have a problem with a mold allergy also. I don't think Collegen supplements would have helped that. Allergies can give you some of the symptoms you mention. Might be worth doing some detective work on the cause. Sometimes it can be something quite simple. For me it was fixing the damp under my house.

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anne jardine Says:

Where can I buy collagena medica tablets and cream

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Tricia Says:

I have just received mail order offers of collagen from the Evion Group in VIctoria - phone number: 1800708883

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Pat Donovan Says:

I started taking collagen medica, hoping it would help me sleep. I still have very broken sleep but when I sleep it is a much deepeer sleep. I suffered for the past ten years or so with tree pollen allergy which affected my eyes and a cough, since taking collagen I have had no problem, which is good. I am 78 years old.

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Dave Says:

Doe's collagena improve your eyesight or is this a falicy put out by the producers of this product

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Fred H Says:

New hip 11.9.09 due fracture/dislocation 1978 Osteoarthritis. (6)x 60= 360 capsules cost $240NZ taken thru 2010. 2011 a couple mths back, middle finger bent in 2 wks upsetting sleep.Xray & Consultant "age degeneration arthritis",NO ACC! 2 other experts 1 Dr,1 ex Marine Engineer "Tendon problem". Requesting refund

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Ria Says:

I have ordered Collagena Medica tablets for the previous2 years. I want another supply but the phone number 1800 708 883 is not connecting. Does anyone know the current phone number? is the address still PO Box 8 Tullamarine Vic 3043.

please help. it is the only medication which will helps my back pains.

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Bernadette Says:

I have been taking Collagena Medica for about four years now. I am being treated for CML and prescribed Glivec. One of the side effects was bleeding into the whites of my eyes. Since taking Collagena Medica I rarely have these bleeds. I need a new supply, but Evion's phone number is not answering. Does anyone know how I can get more Collagena Medica, as I don't want the eye bleeds to start again.

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Jamie Says:

Hi, I think I have posted before that you can get it from their website

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Bessie Rooke Says:

No, we have tried to as I am in urgent need of the capsules for my wonky knees, and face cream. If you hear anything let me know, I would greatly appreciated it.

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gj Says:

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I quote:
Collagen is also sold as a pill commercially as a joint mobility supplement with poor references. Because proteins are broken down into amino acids before absorption, there is no reason for orally ingested collagen to affect connective tissue in the body, except through the effect of individual amino acid supplementation.

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Jean Says:

I have taken Collgena Medica capsules for some months now and, whereas I was having to up and down stairs one at a time I can now go normally 90% of the time. My knees had often been bad and my hip had started being painful but no more. Cant say I have noticed any side effects. Have not used the lotion enough to say whether or not that works on wrinkles. Am also dosing myself with Omega 3 fish oil but it was not until I added the Collagena that there was any noticeable improvement.

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freddie Says:

Try Health Solutions, Regis house, 23 King street,
Cambridge, CB1 1AH, 60 capsules £30, 120 £55, 180 £71, then 240 £99 + 120 FREE capsules.

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MEG Says:


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Gail Says:

I used collagena medica tablets for 18 months and the arthritis pain in my shoulder was completely gone after 3 months of taking it. But I stopped taking it two years ago and now my pain is back, and I can't buy these tablets in my country now. I'm so disappointed.

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marguerite Says:

Goodness Gracious-most of these replies do not divulge who is distributing the product Collagena Medica - I do know that after Evion-the supplement was produced in hong kong or singapore, actually i think it was Singapore. The Evion group dropped the distribution (i dont know why) but it's hard getting any info about the new distributors. Please if you know who it it here..enough of those links that try to sell something else....

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john Says:

I have been taking collagen capsules for a few years off & on for shoulder joint pain. dr. said my joints were beyond repair. I can now move freely no more pain. I suggest marine collagen. 5 stars.

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ma Abrahams Says:

Yes my wife used 6 bottles and it worked. We are also looking for the distributors to get more.

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Clere Mckenna Says:

I want to order the collagens medica.To make my collagen stonger

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Rabia Says:

Where can I get hold of collagen medica in S.A? I need their contact details n address please.

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Petals Says:

Is Natural Health Specialists the contact for Magnetic Bracelets??? The brochure has NO phone number included!!

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Cecil Says:

Need to know how to get hold of Collagena Medica? I cant get through on the number advertised by Health Broadcast.

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Maria Says:

Yes I took a 6 months course. I experienced a new lease on life. E enjoyed gardeing. Started cycling. My body became more flexible, I even found it easier to loose weight and I started looking good. I can definitely recommend it.

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Antoinette Says:

I took Collagenica Medica for aches which it did help but surprisingly I found my menopause symptoms disappeared and I got my energy back. I felt goooood. I love it. I went off it and menopause weakness and temperament returned, went back on and it went away again.

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