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I am having constant noise in the ear. Tinnitus is supected to the cause of the problem. Can I take Cognix Plus tabs. What is it made of?

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Verwon Says:

Cognex contains the active ingredient Tacrine, it is used to treat Alzheimers and other cognitive issues.

As to its safety, I do not know, since it is not used in the U.S. and the information I can find on it is limited.


I am not certain how much it will help with Tinnitus, has your doctor recommended you use it?

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pradeep malaiya Says:

i have been suffering from impaired hearing problem which seriously affected my career, wud like to know about proper treatment..thanks...

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Verwon Says:

Pradeep, this site is not medical professionals and proper treatment will depend on exactly what is causing your hearing loss and how severe it is.

Have you consulted a doctor?


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bahaja Says:

My father has imbalance and giddiness for last 2 weeks after bike accident. prescribed cognix plus it good for him

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Taher Says:

my mother is 76 a physician prescribed her tablet cognix and she taking it from last one month and its working good, recently we taken her to a psychiatric and prescribed her tab exelon, Now can i give her both tablets?

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