Clonidine False Positive

Bill Says:

I am a counselor at a ministry for addiction and need to know if clonidine will test positive for Benzo's.

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Jn2013 Says:

Clonidine is not a benzo. It is a blood pressure medication and off label can also help with anxiety and insomnia. This med is often confused with klonopin because of the similar sound of the 2 words and for the fact that is can be used to treat anxiety. But the chemicals in clonidine are completely different then the chemicals in benzodiazepines , so I couldn't see any reason at all it could test positive for a benzo . I also researched clonidine pretty extensively when my dr suggested it for me. So the answer is no. Don't worry , it's not a benzo . Hopefully you are also not confusing it with klonopin, cuz if it's klonopin your talking about then yes of course u will test positive for benzodiazepines. And if u are really worried u may want to disclose to them that u are on a blood pressure medicine call clonidine. But u should be fine , clonidine will prolly not show up in the test anyway, as this med is not something they are testing for and it's non narcotic anyway .

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Bill Says:

Thank you much for that info. I am not the one taking it, I had a student try to tell me that he would test positive due to his Clonidine prescription. I felt that was untrue and wanted to research it further before I confronted him on this issue.

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julia Says:

I have tested positive for benzodiazepines when I haven't taken any. I couldn't sleep and I took a clonidine .1mg tablet that was prescribed to me when I was in drug treatment. I also tried Benadryl. Dont know which one caused the false positive for benzodiazepines but needless to say I'm livid because it's being reported to my probation officer!!!

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Robert Says:

I am checking the web for my wife she was sent to jail today for testing positive for BENZO and all she takes is Zoloft,Dicyclomine,Robaxin,CLONIDINE HCL please help if anyone knows for sure if any of these would show positive for BENZO in a urine test

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Robert Says:

Bill how or what was the outcome on the CLONIDINE did it test positive for BENZO ???

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Robert Says:

I am checking the web for my wife she was sent to jail today for testing positive for BENZO and all she takes is Zoloft,Dicyclomine,Robaxin,CLONIDINE HCL please help if anyone knows for sure if any of these would show positive for BENZO in a urine test my three small children's future is in danger

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Chris Says:

I promise to you that clonodine dies indeed cross react with a benzos test and cause a false positive. There are many many drugs that cross react causing false positives, many of them otc. You need to do your research instead of trusting the ignorant guy that responded to you.

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Chris Says:

I know this is a very old thread but if your a counselor for addiction treatment then you need to be educated before you go perecting innocent people. That is the worst thing you can do to an addict who is getting clean.

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Brook Says:

Re: Chris (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Clondine is not a benzo at all! Nor does it share the same ingredients. It is a blood pressure medication

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Brook Says:

So bill what was the outcome for your patient on the clonidine.....did they test negative?

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Kenny Says:

I'm currently in treatment for crack alcohol and heroin needless to say I've been clean from the mall but I've been testing positive for benzos and I don't know why I don't take that I am on Suboxone cardizem for my heart clonidine for anxiety multivitamin daily my Suboxone uses over 8 mg a day so can anyone tell me why I'm testing positive for benzos

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Kenny Says:

Re: Kenny (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

My phone sucks so my spelling is off but in a nutshell I take Suboxone and I'm testing positive for benzos and I don't know why also take clonidine and cardizem and a multivitamin also want to know how long valium can stay in your system because when I was in detox that's what they prescribed me but that was months ago so I don't understand why it's still showing up I don't know if it's my weight I'm 245 lb or what can somebody please help me I'm stressed out over it

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Jay Says:

Re: Jn2013 (# 1) Expand Referenced Message
I didn't think that clonidine could cause a false positive from benzos because I have been on it while getting drug tested before and had no problem, but recently I have taken benzos and was showing positive for well over a month. Finally when the benzos were out of my system and I wasn't showing positive anymore I got back on clonidine for anxiety and unfortunately I started showing positive for benzos and there is absolutely no other possible reason I should be. I just wanted to share that due to the fact that it is first hand experience and not a hypothetical question. Thank you very much.

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Jay Says:

Re: Bill (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Please dont rely on one answer because the person may come across as educated. I can tell you from personal experience that it is possible that clonidine can cause a false positive for benzodiazepine. I have been on clonidine before and had no problem causing a false positive on a urine drug test but recently the clonidine has indeed caused a false positive. I am not sure what the reason is as I know clonidine isn't a benzo.

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Brian Says:

Re: Robert (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Zoloft will test positive for Benzo. Just went through this at the treatment center I'm at.

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Andy Says:

Just tested positive for barbiturates (phenobarbitol specifically when they sent it to the lab), but I have never taken or even knew what a barbiturate is. The only medicine it could possibly be is clonodine, but none of the doctors believe me.

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Better safe than sorry Says:

Yes it absolutely can and does!!! I am a pain management patient screened every month for 10 years. I’ve never taken anything not prescribed and never had a positive test for anything I was not supposed to take...until I took Clonidine. It gave a false positive for Benzos on the urine test. I freaked, then did my research and found this happens, my doctor sent it off to the lab and it was confirmed it was indeed a false positive. However, had I not had a doctor who knew me so well and knew that was not something I would do, I could have lost my care. People rely on the urine assay and sadly it happens more than people realize. Just because a medication “does not have” the ingredient in in, does not mean it can’t trigger a false positive. It does not do it for everyone either. In researching I found the people having false positives sometimes shared common factors, one being high blood glucose levels while not being high enough for a Diabetes diagnosis. I do have PCOS, so I have way too much insulin my body won’t use and high blood sugar levels, so I wonder if that’s why it happens with me. I only took Clonidine a week and had one pill left, so I did a test. After 3 months of not taking it I took a U/A test and was negative for benzos of course. After the negative result I took the remaining Clonidine tablet I had left, and did a urine test the next day. No surprise it showed positive for benzos again. I recommend having your own testing done and documented at a reputable lab if you take clonidine and the results will affect your life. Yes it is an expense, but the cost is far greater relying on flawed assay tests. There have been several lawsuits that have led to changes in some states, but still the system is so flawed. Knowing there are people who have lost their medical care and some are in prison for false positives due to clonidine is heart breaking.

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Mysti Says:

I tested positive for Benzos while on nothing but clonidine and Suboxone. Something in clonidine relates a false benzo positive. Idk how but it does.

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Angel Says:

Re: Robert (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Muscle relaxers like roboxsin and some ssri inhibitors like zoloft can cause false positives my guess is it was the combo of the 2

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Mysti Says:

Re: Better safe than sorry (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

I could lose my children due to false positives from Clonidine. They sent it off so I k ow when it's analyzed at the lab all they will find is Clonidine. So I'm hoping that's what saves my ass. My soon to be ex husband got us into this mess. And now I have to bust my ass off to get them back. If they wanna play with me on this Clonidine I will hire an amazing lawyer they will not get away with saying I test positive for benzos when I have never even taken them in my life. I'm only prescribed Clonidine and Suboxone. And that's all I take. So all in all hopefully the lab will sort that out for me. It's been a nightmare.

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