Clear Oblong Capsule With Tiny White Beads

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Clear oblong capsule with tiny white beads inside. there are no markings on it at all.

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jenny Says:

I found the pill in my sons room and was just wondering what is was.

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Verwon Says:

I am sorry, if there are no markings on it, then there is no way to positively identify it. The only thing I can tell you is that it is not a legal U.S. prescription drug , as by law, they are all required to have an imprint somewhere on the tablet or capsule to enable their identification.

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john Says:

yeah, i found a pill just like that in my brother's room. he was recently doing marijuana and i think that maybe he is doing other drugs too so if u have any info on it please message me.

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orenichee Says:

I just found this pill in my brothers room... we thought it may be a steroid since he's into sports... but i dont think thats the case... any luck on your searches?

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Bobbi White Says:

I have a pill just like that. Clear with tiny white balls inside and no markings. I have had it for years since i dont really know what it is. I found it in a friends pants and she said it was used to clean ur system. And i am not completely sure that message about it not being leagal is true.....because i have seen legal drugs with out any imprint on them....i could b mistaken thought just saying.

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tnj blacktie Says:

Its niacin, used as a diretary supplement. Promotes energy metabolism and nervous system health

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It could be MDMA..

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To my knowledge, MDMA or ecstasy is not produced in this form.

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T Says:

Clear capsule no marking with off white sandy feel powder and tiny yellow beads. My daughter tells me is a vitamin but lately I've seen her to nervous. Thanks.

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Alexis Says:

It's niacin. Typically used by teenagers when they need to pass a drug test.. clears your system. My sister smokes and I noticed she has been taking it lately, so I did a little research. But ever since I was little I've taken it. Its not bad for you.

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Bob Says:

It could be a silica capsule. Niacin capsules can also look like that.

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Chris Says:

The tiny white beads in a capsule is just how science deals with time release. It could be a number of things but my bet would probably be a generic time released adderall. It's popular among teens these days.

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willy Says:

if it's about three quarters of an inch long and cylinder and has white beads filled completely to the top and noidentification barking on it then it is NIACIN
most likely

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Molly Says:

It sounds like a drug called exteace or called a molly on the streets, I have a friend who did those and she would just pass out from being very dehydrated.

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qwerty Says:

Could be antidepressants or experimental recreational drugs.

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Denter Says:

It is phentermine a diet pill. It can be abused because it's like a former of speed

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Baby doll Says:

Think you for my answer to my pill problem.

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kayepee Says:

that's probably adderall intake it for adhd and it looks exactly like that and teens usually take it for some type of feeling

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Danomano Says:

You people are guessing what it is and are going to get someone killed... Of your not sure take it to your local pharmacist you won't be in trouble

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Sarah Says:

I just found a pill that looks exactly I just found a pill that looks exactly like what you're describing and I think that it's probably adderal re packaged to be a higher dose then you would get from a prescription probably got it from a party or something I know what niacin looks like and what Adderall looks like and it's definitely not Molly Molly doesn't look like little white beads it looks like crystals.

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