Clear Capsule With White Powder

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its a thin, clear capsule, white powder, no imprint, nothing to tell me what medication it is.

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Jay Says:

Clear capsule appears white from powder inside no imprint

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Verwon Says:

Sorry, if there is no imprint, there is no way to positively identify it, unless you would have it lab tested.

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Mike Says:

Possibly Niacin, Vitamin B-3, one of a few unmarked white capsules. It's used by the body as a co-enzyme for energy metabolism. Supposedly helps nervous, digestive, and cardiovascular systems. Used widely for drug detoxifications, increased metabolism...

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sol1 Says:

people r starting to bring 30 mg oxycodone up from florida in a capsule form with no imprint. they r being made right in the pharmacy.. if u found one in your teens room.. have them take a test... stop it early b4 it becomes a major problem. drugs kill

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worried mom Says:

Just found clear plastic pill with white powder in it, in son's room. No markings,numbers, nothing. Capsules are dirty, like someone has handled them or filled them. They are not OTC, but look home made. I just have NO idea what is in them!
If I go to pharmacy it could be something illegal and then will they call police? Help!!!!

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Ronnie Daniels Says:

Alot of people are putting all kinds of powders in capsules and selling them as ecstasy. Ive seen them filled with cocaine, amphetamines (methamphetamines and pharmacuetical quality), MDMA (the main ingredient in xtc), speed, heroin, etc. Its not false in saying its xtc because xtc is actually just a combination of drugs. BBBut the way xtc is know is to contain MDMA which is what gives the user the "party/rave" buzz. But alot of dealers are leaving out this expensive ingredient and just putting coke/speed/heroin in the pills and selling them as ecstasy. This is extremely dangerous because of some allergies to certain drugs and the fact that mixing uppers n downs can be deadly!!! Be careful with whatever you have and if you found it in a childs room go have it tested it could mean theyre life!!!

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Ronnie Daniels Says:

ohh and i forgot to ad this can be any capsule ive seen em sticking the deadly concoction in tylonol capsules and ive seen em use blank capsules, but the most common ones are colored on half of the capsule and the other half is clear, because they can be purchased over the counter as empty capsules they just fill themselves! Beware this dangerous drug parents! It is easy to keep a secret but more dangerous than any other narcotic on the market because you cannot know what is in it or the purity on a pill by pill basis.

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Ronnie Says:

Go to the pharmacy ,ost will tell you what it is for free! If they are illegal just tell them you found them in your driveway in a baggie! Dont rat out ur own kid save them from drug addiction not send them to jail to really learn the drug game and get into a downward sprial most ppl never come out of!!!! Make sure they understand the consequences b4 u actually bring the gavel down on them! Hopefully im not to late on this reply and ur not to late to save them!

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jonnyb Says:

It is quite common for a clear glucose capsule to contain MDMA or Methyl-DI-Methyl amphetamine. This is the drug that is used to make Ecstasy which you may be more familiar with. You can buy a cheap test kit and be certain. Although it is Legal in the United States and most countries around the world it is actually not unsafe. It is reported that users have a 7 in 1 million chance of death from use as compared to alcohols 635 per 1 million. Try not to freak out and keep your calm. You will not be able to stop you child from doing drugs. The best thing you can do is talk to them and tell them that it worries you and also remind them that MDMA or Ecstasy is a Felony for simply possessing it. Health risk wise your child is more than likely going to be ok.

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T-bear Says:

Thank you for posting this question. I just found the same thing in my daughters room. The answers that people gave are great. I am going to test her right away.

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Look, to help you, it is probably some sort of hallucinogenic.. I'm 21, i've seen most drugs out there. Either way.. What were you doing snooping around in your sons room?

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parentangrywithpissed Says:

my son's room belongs to me, I pay the mortgage and everything in it. He is only borrowing it until he can afford to pay for his own. It is my perogative to enter my (son's) room for any reason I wish. Simply by being the master of my home and his parent.

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daniel Says:

Its probably a new form of ecstacy called "molly", its very easy to get and its very big with todays teens and the rave scenes.

If you found this in your sons room, thats probably what it is.

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powder Says:

white powder in a clear capsule usually white china or heroin

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Sad mom Says:

Feel no remorse for going thru your kids room. I'm ok with weed.... But I found three pills with white substance. My son has been in and out of hospitals and ERs for abdominal pain. To the person that questioned you beet wrong his room- I respect my sons privacy- but when he is ill- I have every right to go they his drawers. Until you are a parent- shut up!!!

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Sad mom Says:

Snooping? It's called good parenting. When u have kids- u will know. I drank, smoked cannabis..... I'm not saying my son can't do it- but when these crazy drugs get to 17 year old kids..... You have NO CLUE how it hurts the parents. Obviously, you were not spanked as a kid.... You probably grew up thinking your parents owed YOU. Have a kid and welcome to the real world. Until then- have fun with your drugs.

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Sad mom Says:

Wow! Scary

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harry Says:

I have these, I'm pretty certain they are 2, 4 Dinitrophenol. Google DNP, it is taken in capsule form for weight loss but are extremely dangerous, often ends in mortality.

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Kelly Says:

The new thing on the block is CAPS. It's opioids. If you open the cap and pour out the contents the capsule will be clear the powder inside is the drug. I know this because I was addicted for nine years. I'm clean now and want to help. If you come at your child aggressively they will repel. I wish my parents would of talked to me calmly and maybe I would of got better sooner. Talk to them calmly when questioning, and if they get very angry and agitated that indicates most likely an issue. It's definitely opioids though that's how it's sold in capsule hence the name CAPS. I will keep your child and family in my prayers. Addiction is the worst disease of them all. Hopefully you caught it early. Wish you the best. You did the right thing!

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Gogotall Says:

It's Molly. It's not addictive no matter what's in it. You can't stop him from doing it. Your main concern should be that it is a felony to possess the drug. If I were you I'd tell him to be safe and that if he was ever drunk or high that he could call for any reason- especially a ride. Also discuss safe usage. Don't mix with other drugs, do not carry any drugs on the person and do not take the drugs in public. If he's doing it you need to take it in the privacy of your own home or another private place to avoid getting a felony.

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