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Rex Says:

I am Rex, 86 yrs old and l live on an Iowa farm. I had my prostate removed 20 yards ago. I now have anogel on my lung. I have read about CL4 cancer cure shots would this be any thing I could use? Can I get it in pills? I had six heart bypass in 2004 at McAllen heart hospital. My blood psi. 120/80 every day, I am very active I have machine & welding shop I work in every day on my Iowa us farm. Can you help me?

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Amanda Says:

Re: wayne (# 27) Expand Referenced Message

I believe you can order CBD oil for delivery in any of the 50 states. I've not had a problem over several years. I ordered it for my granddaughter's anxiety. She's making A's now!

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John Says:

Hello. I have had ulcerative colitis for 20 years. Delzicol and Canasa medications would work only temporarily. Now for over 16 months I've taken Digestacure. Have been in remission for 6 months! May this be the end of my U.C. Please look into this product. I hope others with severe digestive issues can finally find relief.

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Ash Says:

Re: Shail (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Arnica is not a medicine. It's a homeopathic and is nothing like "cancer drugs."

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not a doctor Says:

Re: Robert (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

Several people have good results with baking soda. Check out - PH kills Cancer - on Youtube.

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Ron R Says:

Re: Liza (# 20) Expand Referenced Message

Dr. Pescatore has a book you can buy for $37 which has all the information about CL4 and where to get it. The book is called 303 Natural Healing Miracles. I was thinking on spending the money to order a copy for myself.

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Marvin Says:

Re: Ash (# 43) Expand Referenced Message

There is a lot of confusion about what we can use. "Medicine" usually means drugs, but I classify it as herbs that I use. Then between drugs made for profits that may work, or may kill, to herbs made by God that heals, and God also created poison. In other words, we have a right to make our own decision and neither us nor the pharmaceutical corporations can be blamed unless proper evaluations are not completed. Most important to me is that no government has any right to force me to avoid or take anything I choose regardless of the results.

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Mike Says:

Here’s what I have found. The book 303 Natural Healing Miracles by Dr Frank Pecatore, chapter 11 explains his theory. My wife has cancer and I’ve been giving her turmeric and cucumerin in her food and so far with faith she is doing well with a long way to go.

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Larry Says:

Re: Edwardo (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

I MAY wish to explore the use of marijuana extract 'THC' as an oil. It's been proven to reduce tumor growth and British and Spanish researchers have been able to separate the medicinal component from the ahem... 'undesired' effects.

Please note I've repeatedly attempted to contact Dr Peter McComick to no avail - nor anyone at East Anglia's PR department. Maybe you'll have better luck?

THC used against cancer is more effective when used with CBD as well.

Source: "Dr. Christina Sanchez explains how cannabis kills cancer cells". Web. March 25th, 2014.

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Sharad Says:

Re: Dfash (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

Stephen Heuer took the apricot kernals with MSM for better results. Go to oneradionetwork and put "Stephen Heuer cancer" in the search box.

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Angel Says:

Re: David (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

It’s sad to say, but Doctors will not have a positive response to any cancer treatment that they cannot profit from. We’ve already experienced this. It’s best to try the product yourself.

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Zoey Says:

Re: Graham (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

That is very true. That is what they call cl4. And it is suppose to work good with Chemotherapy. It goes to the master tumor cancer cell and kills it and then the others die.

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Harold Says:

The best I have found is baking soda. Cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment. The trick is getting the baking soda into the cancer. Cancer cells require 22 times as much sugar as regular cells.

-1 part baking soda
-2 parts pure maple syrup
-heat in double boiler it boils up easily like making peanut brittle
-put 1 tablespoon in a glass of water / drink 2 times a day.

The cancer cell is always hungry and will take the maple syrup in along with the baking soda. The baking soda turns the cancer cell alkaline, at which time the cancer cell will either die or revert back to a normal cell hope this helps. {edited for privacy}

I have an even more powerful formula combining an old house remedy that really works.

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Harold Says:

Re: Graham (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

In reference to using turmeric which is very good as it is an inflammation fighter also, tumeric is hard to digest so it must be used with black pepper to increase its digestibability. Tumeric is also fat soluble which makes it more digestable. It was recommended to use black seed oil. Knowing the advantages of coconut oil I substituted coconut oil with the turmeric (you can buy turmeric in the grocery store), it works good. There is no need to pay the high prices. I have been studying these things for years. The natural products are better than man made with no side effects. I cringe when I see people on oxygen there is a way to supercharge the blood so it will carry more oxygen but I have found people would rather complain about being sick than do something about it. I was talking to a lady the doctors had given 1 week to live. I told her how to cure her cancer. Her reply was it might kill me. She was dead in a week while another man also given a week to live was determined to live by using a simple formula using baking soda and cleared up his cancer.

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Marvin Says:

Re: Harold (# 53) Expand Referenced Message

I am aware from lots of experience that what you reveal will not be believed no matter how much it is proven. The difference is how much money the medical and pharmaceutical business makes. I do not fault doctors for doing what they got trained about to obtain a license, but if I believed them I would have been dead already four times.
My prostate cancer may not yet be totally stopped, but I don't have the pain anymore. I just learned from experience to avoid dairy products and the most dangerous addictive drug in the world: SUGAR! Then I use graviola and turmeric which are effective at least to reduce the size.

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mshell Says:

Re: Hope (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

EVERYONE needs to look into Ty Bollinger. Some scary truths are told about big Pharma, etc.

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AK Says:

I think Dr. Fred Pescatore mentions it on his website. He treats cancer patients in New York City. He uses a teaser about it to promote his book. I think you mean CL-4.

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Grace Says:

Re: Susan (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

Is there a mail address? My sister is 53 and has been diagnosed with Klatskin cancer stage 4. Can you help her? She had 2 rounds of chemo and is not doing well AT ALL. We live in Windhoek, Namibia. Regards.

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Joanne Says:

You can buy the brand 'Life Extension' Super Bio Curcumin on the internet from iherb, a very reputable brand and easily accessed by mail.

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Ann Says:

Re: Zoey (# 51) Expand Referenced Message

I understand that Curcumin bioavailability works better bound with oil. Curcumin (MERIVA) is bound with phosphattidylcholine. Jarrow sells CURCUMIN PHYTOSOME (MERIVA) 500 mgs (18-20% curcuminoids). There are other brands too. Not sure of effective dose to treat cancer.

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