Citalopram With Polyethylene Glycol 4000 Or Better

Doug Says:

Hello I'm Doug. I'm looking for a manufacturer of citalopram 20 mg that has polyethylene glycol 4000 or better in it ! Would love to try the 8000.... Drs or pharmacist don't have the time nor the resources to figure it out grrrr... Caraco doesn't make it anymore... And I have researched it myself for a while now!!!! I have also found that apotex doesn't make it any more also. grrrr :-P would love some help or suggest a data base that's up to date! My brain doesn't work the same and I am struggling to figure this out! Polyethylene glycol just helps me to absorb the citalopram and I function better! Thanks :-D

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Sam Says:

Hi Doug, I have been taking Citalopram manufactured by Caraco for close to a year now. I was on name brand Celexa for 16 years before finding an off brand that I could tolerate (major price difference). I thought I had hit the jackpot when I realized Caraco was working. Now I'm told I cannot get it anymore because it was being discontinued... Just my luck!! What are you taking by now and is it working? I hate feeling like I am going through withdrawals!!

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Doug Says:

Hi Sam! Doug here! This is a very long convo lol! I have to tell you my entire med history with citalopram for you to understand it grrr lol. I'll do my best to keep on track and tell it as best I can :-) get some coffee and get comfy k haha sigh!!! :-) OK so "when I say citalopram I will be talking about generic OK". SO I started taking citalopram about 10 yrs ago. Have always been on generics. "state ins." Uhg so I had tried all of the generics that I could try, it took yrs!!! Uhg ... Uptake levels takes a long time as I'm sure you know!!! Then I tried caracos 20 mgs, and it worked great... Was perfect!!! And as you know caracos is not making them anymore! This happened about 3 yrs ago also... They had run out for about 4 months and I had to do the withdrawals then also!!! But now they are really not making them!!! Caracos was bought out by sun pharmaceuticals a couple yrs back... They are out of India!!! Grr. So yes it's a Beach lol. I went through withdrawals again prob. in late August 2015... Was bad!!! I take 60 mgs a day not just 20 so you can imagine!!! :-( anyways I have been fighting to be mostly normal since then!!! So right now I have been taking a combination of citalopram!!! It seems to work OK!!! I'll tell you those if you write back on this posting k!!! :-) so I thought it was strange why one worked for me and the other didn't!!! So I went to my pharmacist "very smart lady" and asked her about all the fillers and ingredients bla bla bla!!! She couldn't look that info up nor find it... Ugh they don't have that kinda time to figure it all out!!! Uhg!! Back to square one!!! I don't take no for an answer nor do I give up easy... I was on a quest and mind you I'm only running on half a brain still..... It's hard huh??? Anyways I went on the internet and researched the hell out of it!!! I found the ingredients of each manufacturer of citalopram and printed them out!!! I even printed out the name brand celexa!!! The ingredients were mostly inactive fillers and lots of the same in each brand.... Except for a couple diff. Ingredients. I brought all this info back down to my pharmacist and showed her!!! She had no clue how to figure it out!!! So I went to my drs and asked her!! We found that coraco had "PEG" polyethylene glycol 4000 in it and we looked up polyethylene glycol and found it came in diff refinements!!! 400 being a waxy lesser grade than 4000, then 8000 grade being the best for pharmaceuticals!! Polyethylene glycol helps absorb the citalopram easier in the stomach and blood stream so the better the poly the better the citalopram gets absorbed!!! Hence this is why we think caracos works the best for me and or you!!! The 400 is the waxy one and I find I don't metabolize it much at all!!! So I looked everywhere for a generic with poly 4000 or better in it!!! I can't get it anywhere!!! So I looked up celexa and even called them to see if they use poly 4000 and NO they only use 400!!! I told them. That coraco works better than there expensive one haha so yes I'm kinda stuck with the 400 for right now but I have a couple ideas in my head to try :-) :-) :-) write back if you like OK. I would love to see if your findings match up with mine or found anything out there!!! Thanks for enduring my life story lol ttyl :-) :-) :-)

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David Says:

Hi Doug,

Re: "I'm looking for a manufacturer of citalopram 20 mg that has polyethylene glycol 4000 or better in it"

From what I could gather, Teva Pharmaceuticals USA reportedly manufacturers citalopram 20mg with polyethylene glycol 4000.

For verification, the pill itself carries a National Drug Code of 0093-4522.

You can also see "polyethylene glycol 4000" listed in the link below under 'Inactive Ingredients':

A physical description of the pill portrays it as a round pink tablet imprinted with "TV" on one side and "756" on the other. Maybe you can try asking your doctor to write a prescription for this specific pill?

I hope this helps!

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Doug Says:

Hey thanks Dave :-) I will follow up on your finding !!! Thanks a lot !!! I do think I've tried to get the teva one ... And if I recall I think my pharmacy couldn't get it through her contacts !!! Grrr and I have called around to a lot of the CVS, and Riteaids, ect to see if they can get other drugs that they don't have ... And they just say NOOOOO.... And in the last couple yrs have been getting worse ... Lots of these conglomerates only carry one or 2 brands !!! It can be frustrating !!! Plus I. Have state ins. And it can be a pain also !!! So I'm still determined and also learning !!! I have also been rethinking if I want to start taking the pills with PEG in it ??? I have gone through so many detoxes in my life I'm sick of it ha-ha smh !!! Anyways! I could write more but thank you for the NDC code and web site :-) :-) it will help and I won't have to go look it up again :-) :-) :-) Doug !!! :-)

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