Can't Afford Savella No Ins. Anymore But Cousin With Fibro Has Extra Supply Of Lyrica To Give Me. Is It The Same & Safe To In Pain & Despera

Danielle Says:

can't afford savella no ins. anymore but cousin with fibro has stopped taking lyrica and is willing to give me a supply of lyrica until I get my insurance in 3 months. Is it much different than savella. Im seriously having major effects since I stopped the savella which really helped me. Is it safe to try the lyrica. Im in a lot of pain and really can't take much more of feeling like this

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Verwon Says:

They are not the same medication, Lyrican contains the active ingredient Pregabalin, which is an anticonvulsant that is also used to help treat nerve pain. It really shouldn't be used without it being prescribed for you, due to the risk of possible side effects.

Learn more Savella details here.

However, there is an assistance program for Savella that may be able to help you continue with it, until you get your insurance. It's provided by the manufacturer and you can contact them for more details by calling 800-851-0758.

Learn more Savella details here.

Can you post back and let me know if you have any luck?

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Renato pinto Says:

Hello Danielle! I am so sorry to hear that. As a pharmacist I must discourage you taking one medication over another even though circumstances tempt you into doing it. Tell me something, are you paying full price for your medication? Do you have your prescription with you? Hope to ear from you...

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Christine Says:

Yes. I used lyrics first for year. After putting in 50 lb, excessive weight gain, I switched to Savella. Those are the only tw mess I know that are for fibromyalgia. However Savella wa better for me but lyrics did keep me out of excruciating pain Hope it works for you

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Anita Says:

Hello I have a bottle that I can give away of Liricka,I took it for 5 days and I had a bad reaction Your welcome to have them. My name is Anita and now I had to pay for Sevella and if I start to see a weight change. I can't take it,or any other symptoms. I just lost 40 pounds damn near. I hope this helps you out. I'm allergic to everything and I have ansomia so this may not be a good choice as well and it is very expensive but was just going to throw them out. Im not trying to go to jail. They are free and my pharmacy will varify it.

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