Cancer Treatment - What Is H86 & Where Can I Get It

birddog Says:

Why is hsi giving people the idea that it is a mircle drug, when it cures nothing? All that i see is that it does makes u fat and builds muscle.

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Irmi Says:

I have Breast and Brain cancer and I would like to know where you get H86?

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David Says:

From what I've researched, HSI is a scam company. The coined term 'H86' is part of their marketing scheme. However, what it stands for (aka Avemar/Fermented Wheat Germ Extract) is apparently legitimate in that Fermented Wheat Germ has been proven to fight cancer; rather effectively at that:

The notion that all it does is make you fat and builds muscle is a misinformed representation from lack of research.

For anyone who may be seeking Avemar, I'd recommend that you google it for a list of vendors.

Something else worth noting is that cannabis and an alkaline diet are also proven effective in curing cancer. You can search NIH for more specific details on cannabis (thc / cbd) clinical studies and what role it plays in eliminating tumors. These are just a few of many alternative cancer cures.

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Karen Says:

You throw that word SCAM around pretty freely. HSI is providing alternative health information. It can be verified from other sources that what they say about H-86 is true. They are not trying to sell you H-86. Only the information that it and other natural substances provide certain health benefits. That is not a scam. Would you even be looking for H-86 if it were not for HSI?

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David Says:


Re: "HSI is providing alternative health information." - You are correct in that HSI does provide alternative health information; but what you didn't mention is at what cost they provide information that should be free (especially to cancer patients)? Have you not gone on their website and signed up to become a member (for their monthly fee)?

Re: "It can be verified from other sources that what they say about H-86 is true." - I already verified that in the 3rd sentence of my previous post (and even included a link to clinical trials) so why you feel the need to say this, I don't know...

Re: "Would you even be looking for H-86 if it were not for HSI?" - Truth is, I was never looking for H-86. But as a matter of fact I would've avoided the term "H-86" altogether and had gone straight to if I wanted to do away with the middle man's research so to speak. - And this is precisely what I would encourage other readers to do as well. Why go through the middle man (HSI) when you can go straight to the source and find out for yourself through clinical studies what works and what doesn't? I don't need to pay HSI to tell me if something works. So yes, on that note I do feel it's a scam.

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Wldhare Says:

Did anyone give you an answer, or is it all just opinions?

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Seekinghope Says:


In essence this forum is all about opinions, suggestions, and advice of what may or may not have proven beneficial to the user. As fact based research can be found at specific sites Relative to that subject matter. My sincerest hope is that folks seeking assistance, can at the very least be civil In communicating with each other. There's more than enough volatility and disrespect in the medical community.
I suppose it's naive of me to hold out hope that those who have been victimized could find a respite from that treatment here by those whom may have experienced that same hell.

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Wldhare Says:

So, you aren't aware of a place where this can be purchased?

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t north Says:

apricot seeds has shown to kills cancer cells, rub nascent iodine on your breasts

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Bev Says:

Why haven't you tried the baking soda cure? See Vernon Johnston on YouTube showing you how to make and take it. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer that then metastasized to his bones--a death sentence. It is now several years later and he's alive and kicking. Even has a website that you'll see when you watch his YouTube video. Also check into MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution). MMS gets a bad rap but it cures most kinds of cancer among many other diseases. I have been taking it on and off for many years. Millions have been cured.. Please don't believe any negative press about MMS.

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Gman Says:

I do believe there are products out there which might have a positive affect on putting cancer in remission. Regarding the HSI company....if it claims to have testimonies/information from individuals who have benefited by using the H-86 product....why not ask these individuals for permission to post their email addresses so others can contact them direct. It is easy for HSI to publish all kinds of ficticious names saying they have been cured or benefitted by the product. At age 83 having had my prostates removed 15 years ago. Now my PSA is on the rise...should I try this product? I am not receiving treatment I might give it a try...surely it wont kill me? I might and if it puts the cancer in remission I will be very happy to give HSI permission to publish my email address (which I have established just for such issues)..and share my experience with others. Would be happy too...

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