Can You Take Mosegor Vitamins After Rivotril

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My niece is taking rivoril to help her sleep but is becoming anxious and fearful. Now a friend psychologist said, mosegor vitamins is better to induce sleep without side effects. Is this true?

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Verwon Says:

Rivotril contains the active ingredient Clonazepam, it is a Benzodiazepine, commonly used to treat nerve, anxiety disorders and some cases of insomnia.


As such, it does carry with it the possibility of a lot of side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness and addiction.

Mosegor Vita is a mutlivitamin supplement, so while touted to help with many conditions, they only thing they are actually proven to help with is a deficiency in the particular vital nutrients it contains, which are B1, B2, Nicotinamide, Pizotifen and Pyridoxone.

What has her doctor recommended?

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moleman Says:

For God's sake if you haven't been on clonazapam long GET OFF IT now. Do so with the help of a doctor. You will probably need to titrate (taper) the dose downwards. Clonazapam is the hardest drug to get off than any other , including cocaine and heroine . it can be fatal and cause seziures if you try and stop cold turkey. even with tappering the dose downwards you can have very severe side effects. It is such a powerful drug even the crumbs left when you cut a pill with a pill cutter can ease symptoms and when you taper you need to get all the crumbs in any dose. Even something such as (point in case you can see the . ) 125 MG is considered a fairly large dose of clonazapam. The side effects of Clonapazam Withdrawal Syndrome can be like living a Stephen King Novel in your head. There are so many possible side effects it would take several minutes for me to list all of them. They include ( the ones I had and continue to have after months of trying to get off this evil, hellish drug ) Hallucinations seeing faces and all kinds of bad scary things floating towards you when close your eyes and TRY to sleep, I was the same as awake for 6 or more weeks sleeping maybe 1 hour every third or fourth day and at times awake for a week at a time , heart beating all over your body so hard it feels like the bed is moving and you can count your pulse by simply feeling your body move and jerk and actually get a correct pulse rate without touching your wrist, involuntary body movements,numbness,weakness,sweating heavily while sitting in front of a fan and an air conditioner,clammy feeling all over your body,night terrors, fear, anxiety,sucidial thoughts,very high blood pressure,loss of feeling in your arms and legs so bad you can't do things such as using a computer mouse and be able to control it, dropping anything you try and lift or hold like a cup of tea,falling and fear of falling when you try to walk,severe headaches,loose bowels, constipation then next time you try and have a Bm even after you have had loose bowels the last time you went to the bathroom,back pain,muscle spasams,cramps so bad you will suddenly have to grab your leg, for instance,and squeeze to try and stop the cramp,pain all over your body,hearing loss,loss of taste,toothache,lips swelling, tongue swelling,stuttering and unable to concentrate so you can form a sentence when you try and speak, actually looking in the mirror and not recognizing yourself ( loss of personality and identiy), easily aggitated,thinking people are''out to get you'',having thoughts of every bad thing you have ever experienced in your life suddenly remembered , loss of weight ( I lost 36 pounds in about 5 weeks )loss of appetite, I had an episode of feeling like you do just at the instant you are about to vomit and it lasted for 3 days and never left for even a minute round the clock,bleeding when you had a BM,muscle loss,hair loss,ringing in yor ears,hearing things like sirens or phones ringing when you went into a room that didn't have much ambient noise,itching,fever,easily brusing, vision changes,( i have been wearing glassses for 40 years and one day went into the bathroom took glasses off to wash my face and realized i could read labels on a shelf from several feet away without my glasses, this sudden change lasted for a couple days and then i had trouble seeing when I had to wear my glasses, severe and painful reactions to bright lights, and the list goes on. I swear these are all true and would put my hand on the bible when I did so. Look up Clonazapam Withdrawal Syndrome on the Internet and see all the symptoms, and read the horror stories from people with this syndrome You may need to look at several sites to find the best one with all the information. There are clinics over the world just for Benzodiazapine withdrawal (class of drug clonazapam is in) . It is in the class of drugs such as Valium,Xanax,etc.. but is the worst of all of them as far as side effects or trying to get off. It is used for epilepsy, anxiety, help sleeping but can cause(as many drugs can cause the things they are taken to prevent(but much worse). Some people,depending on their metabolism and the dose they have been on can exprience the withdrawal symptoms for months or years . There are many ways doctors use to get you off the drug, depending on the doctor or in some cases the country you are in . Some use another similar drug and as you tapper off clonazapam you replace it with another benzo. in an equal potion to the clonazapam reduction. Clonazapam is so much stronger than ,even xanax, as I said before , a small crumb can get to where it is a 'dose' in the tappering phase and the need to use a method where you grind a tablet into powder and mix it with water,then use an eye dropper so you can get the very minute amount you need at that point in your withdrawal . never try and stop cold turkey or try and do it by yourself . best to go let a doctor put you on a tappering schedule and watch you very carefully during this time, which can be months or years . This *#@^ is EVIL in pill form and you will never see any horror movie which is as bad as this stuff. please do your research before ever considering taking it and if you are on it before you try and stop. Stopping abruptly can cause anything from seizures to death. I began having symptoms after missing only one dose. I ran out and decided on my own to just qiut taking it because the dose I was on had begun to have no affect on what i was taking it for and I knew this meant taking more . this is a never ending cycle and as your body adjusts to one size dose and the helpful effects begin to be lost, you will need to increase the dose to get benefts as before on the smaller dose which had helped before. It will never end and as the dose gets larger your health from all the drug gets worse. I had taken at least 5 other benzos, in the past and had never been told of the affects it can cause or the withdrawal effects it can cause when you try and stop. I had taken xanax once for three or so months at a dose of 3 a day , one hundred a month and stopped with no problems at all or knowing there were problems when you did .Since I had ,had no problems in the past I asked the doctor abou it , convienced him it would be ok and the results are listed above.
PLEAE believe me, do some research and stay off this *&%^at all costs. The end costs could be your life !!!
I hope this helped someone. I had so many problems and continue to have them if this helps only one person to decide to get off it or to stop considering taking it , I will feel I have done someone a huge favor and one I wish I myself had known about a couple years ago.
God bless everyone and have a great CHRISTMAS . Everyone else who doesn't celebrate Christmas , have a great holiday season in the faith you live by.

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Randy Says:

My doctor put me on Rivotril due to high blood pressure that he believes is caused by anxiety. I do have alot of stress but never anxiety. Anyhow, he prescribed .5mg x 3 times a day. Within 10 days I could no long function normally. I needed and still do a cane to keep my balance, chest pain over my heart increased and I became very tired, shortness of breath, irritable and hostile to the point of going for short walks just looking for a dick head that wanted to give me trouble. I was also at the point of feeling a huge need for it like I was already becoming addicted. Then I read Molemans story here and decided to stop the drug. My doctor had left on 3 week vacation so I talked to my pharmacist about stopping. He figured it wouldn't be a big problem due to only taking it for 10 days. Well this is becoming a nightmare! I can barely sleep and when I do get to REM I have the most HORRIBLE VIVID NIGHTMARES you could ever imagine. I wake up SCREAMING! I've never had a headache but am now living with one all day long. It's been 2 nights and 3 days without it but I'm not looking back. This drug comes straight from HELL! I'll NEVER trust pharma or doctors again in my life. That's how horrible getting off this stuff has become. I'm going to stick with my plan though. I stopped smoking and booze cold turkey but the withdrawals were nothing in comparison. I know I have the strength to get through this in one piece and hopefully sane! Thank you Moleman. God Bless you!

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bigsam Says:

Please can someone tell me if their is any rehab center for these kind of addiction to Rivotril, in the middle east?? if not in Belgium it would be great.
is their any kind of medicine with no side effect that may help the patient with the withdrawal symptoms?
In fact my friend was addicted to Rivotril and used to take large doses for the past 2 years, but from year till know she was trying to stop it, it was really hard but finally she started to lower the doses until she finally stopped it for 2 weeks till now everything is good, she had no more withdrawal symptoms, but she can't focus very good on things, and she's always sleepy and with no energy, so was feeling worried about her, I need an advice....
please if anyone can help me i would be thankful.

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Randy Says:

Hi Bigsam. I've now been off the Rivotril for 5 weeks but am still experiencing some withdraw effects such as daytime headaches. When I asked my doctor for something to help me he recommended UPPING my dose of Rivotril and also gave me a script for a very addictive sleeping pill. So.... I dumped my doctor (aka the pill pusher) and went to see a naturopathic doctor that helps people utilizing herbal and other alternative therapies. He spent an hour with me then gave me a concoction of herbs that I brew as a tea. (An onsite herbalist grinds up the herbs and mixes them to the prescribed proportions. He didn't just send me to the health food store to buy bottled herbs.) The tea REALLY helped me find peace at night and I was able to get back to fairly normal sleeping patterns 3 weeks ago. He has also put me through a few acupuncture sessions to help with daytime stress and jitters. You should be able to find a naturopathic doctor in Belgium as they practice wold wide. There really isn't anything a pill pushing medical doctor can prescribe for you that isn't as bad as what you are already struggling with. Keep up the fight because life is a gift worth fighting for. I'll not wish you good luck as luck will have nothing to do with your recovery. Best wishes and god bless!

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Jerry Says:

i have a hypertention if possible to take a mosegor.

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greg Says:

Hi am 60+ years male (young), and have being on Rivotril for 12 years normally about .5 mg per day only at night unless something really gets to me! Tried going off it a few times however the thoughts of suicide and depression was just not nice.. period! Anyway always been an active restless soul, very active mind but some how have managed to live a successful live on many levels thus far. I do however have a naturopathic background, so take a lot of minerals / vits exercised all my life regularly, even today fast bike ride 20k's 5-6 days a week and walk 3 ks same. No alcohol these days, meditate, drink lots of water and keep my mind active throughout the day. Started on it due to heavy stock markets losses ( scammed by the system basically), this caused high anxiety / stress back then. Other than a few off days here and there feel good and look younger than my age. Hope this helps folks.

PS; I think we are all addicted to something? I think just accept this but try different approaches to change these addictions and if you cannot,, dont be too hard on yourself.. time goes quick and we all die of something anyway.... just a matter of time and overall working on a good quality of life while one has it. Thats all.

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Maureen Says:

I have been taking 2mg of Rovotril for 30 years and I have no problem with it, keeps me sane! Never felt the urge to 'need' more! Maybe it just affects some people more than others!

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jack Says:
via mobile

what happen to his medication? what is his feeling for niw

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Hector Lee Says:
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Re: moleman (# 2)

Thank you so much for the info,May God always bless you.I just want to ask how did you get rid of this drug? Again A million thanks to you

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