Can You Take Adipotrim Xt If You're Diabetic

anna Says:

I am taking 1,000mg a day of metformin. I walk everyday. Can I take adipotrim xt?

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Anna! How are you?

Adipotrim XT was just a supplement product and it was actually found to not live up to its claims to aid in weight loss. There were so many complaints and problems that the manufacturer issued a voluntary recall in 2013, which is listed with the FDA and they later removed it form the market entirely.

It was also found to contain an undeclared drug ingredient, Fluoxetine, which is an SSRI antidepressant that may be dangerous for some people to take.

The only places it is available now is on the secondary market, via people that stocked up, before stores ran out.

Thus, I really have to advise that you stay away from it.

If you need to lose weight, your doctor should be able to help you do so safely.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Marilyn Says:

Ana: Yo tomo Metformina 500mg dos veces al dia y llevo usando adipotrim hardcore + lipro hacen 2 meses y e bajado 51 libras, aparte d q uso metroprolol - norvasc - catapress + laxil + pirolactone + potasio + aspirina + neurontin. NO e tenido ningun problema y me tomo todos mis medicamentos junto cn las d adipotrim y NO e tenido ningun problema al contrario me bajaron las dosis d mis medicamentos pq gracias a q e bajado d peso mis niveles d azucar y la presion se han regulado bastante...a mi se me inchaban las piernas muchisimo ya NO...ahora si digo q no todo sistema d las personas sn iguales...pq si e oido d personas q sn saludables q se han sentido mal cuando han empezado a usar lad pastillas pero yo cn tantas cndiciones a tengo las recomiendo pq me a hido muy bn q hasta mi matrimonio es otro pq ay mas pasion y siento a mi esposo super enamorado...suerte!!

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