Can U Take Subutex With Methadone The Same Day

emoney Says:

I took methadone this morning. Can I take buprenorphine at night without getting sick?

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Verwon Says:

No, that would not be advisable.

You need to be in full withdrawal, before taking Subutex, otherwise it may throw you into dangerous precipitated withdrawals.

The FDA classifies this medication as a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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jmd Says:

I was on 40 mgs methadone and switched the same day and was fine. But that's just me...

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js Says:

bs I took subutex about an hour or less after taking percs and h, nothing happened

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Chris Says:

Going from subs to Done is ok, but going from b done to dubs. U would wanna wait tell it's out of u system. It could put u in horrible withdrawal. Not sure your dosses either

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saragun Says:

everybody is different! I am like u would not go into withdraw but I seen a guy get sick and having to be pickup by ambulance from the street after taking subaxone and 2 hrs later doing the H.

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Vikki Says:

I take 80mgs of methadone a day. I have a 8mg subutex and i want to take it but they say u can go into withdrawals. They said that about tramadol too and i didn't have withdrawals, so does anyone know if ill go into withdrawals?

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Mike Says:

I was on methadone a few months ago and I took my dose on a Friday like normal. I missed Saturday and Sunday due to oversleeping. Sunday evening I took 16 mgs on suboxone and I went into wds very badly.

I got off methadone and was clean for a while and started taking opiates like a dummy. One day I was administered opiates intravenously around 7:30 am. Later that day I was given a subutex pill 8mgs and I was feeling no withdraws at all when i took it at 7pm. Ater taking it i felt fine. No withdrawals what so ever.

Everyone is different but my take away from it is the naloxone in the suboxone is why I went into withdrawal so bad. Obviously, the opiates were still in my system when I took the subutex because i felt fine.

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Keels Says:

I'm on 40mil of methadone but want to switch to subutex. Is it possible? I hate taking methadone. I only opted for it as it was the quickest way to get off opiates without feeling violently ill, as I've got 2 children. I don't see my key worker till after xmas and want to know how long would I have to stop my methadone before I'd be prescribed subutex plz? I know everyone is different and I started on 60mil n reducing 2mil a day every week and to be fair feeling fine, just want to swap over ASAP. Some say I can and some say I can not, so hopefully I may get some sort of info/advice/help off here. Tyvm.

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Sprenger Says:

I take 85 mgs a day of methadone a day. Last night I took 4mgs of subutex..not suboxone...and went into the worst withdraws of my life..DONT DO IT..!!!!

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