Can I Take Methadone With Robitussin


I have a very sore throat and chest. I am taking 20mg's of methadone. Can I take robitussin too?

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can i take tussin cough syrup while taking methdone. does it mix

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Hello Gross,

First and foremost I would like to say that any time you are taking a prescription medication like methadone it is important to keep your doctors in the loop with any decision you make regarding other medications. People on the internet don't know your full situation and the information provided here is going to be generic and not tailored to your situation. I strongly recommend that you at the very least call your primary care physician and ask if this is ok.

With that said the NIH says that the drugs do not have any severe interactions but does say that both of these medications have sedative properties and you should closely monitor the situation.

Again I am not advising you to take this medication or saying that it is acceptable as I do believe you should be discussing this with your doctor. I hope this information helps. Have a wonderful day.

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