Can I Take Methadone 10mg Tablets If I Am On Suboxone Daily

George Says:

I am on 6 mg of suboxone and have been dosing for five years.. I have come across some 10 mg methadone tablets and am wondering if I could take some of the done tabs to get a high? But am concerned about any problem. That may occur even if I was only to take the tabs as a one off, also if I was to take them How long would I have to wait to take my suboxone dose as i Am aware of instant withdrawals.. Just not sure if it applies after taking the one dose of done tabs?? And how many tabs would I need to get a high after not taking sub dose for 24 hrs?

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Cats68 Says:

Dear George, I would not mix the 2. If u want 2 take the methadone , stop the subs and wait until u r withdrawing, then take the methadone. That will work.

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lisa Says:

NO It will send you into withdrawals.

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worriedgirlie Says:

My fiancé is quitting percocets and is onday five using only alcohol marijuana and sometimes suboxone(about 6mg a day max) very spaced out the day and taken only when symptoms of withdrawl strart. Well they started so He just took a 10mg methadone bc he ran out if suboxone. Now he feels even worse then before he took the methadone's. What happened???!! Is he being thrown into them bc of mixing them or is it very dangerous to mix the two? Something else maybe? Pleasd help ASAP!!

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kate Says:

Oh no yes hes in precipitated withdrawal. It is going to be hell. Ive been thereits like dying.

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Bbgirl Says:

I took a quarter. Of suboxone. Yesterday. Is it ok to take alittle. Bit of methadone. To day

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Methadoneman Says:

Never ever mix suboxon and any opiod. It's straight to the worst withdrawal you can possibly imagine. I took 30 mg morphine tab and a suboxon strip and I thought I was gonna die. I jave been through withdrawal many times but this is worse 100 fold.

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Chris Says:

If you are on suboxone regularly, you can take anything you want.. you may not feel it due to the naloxone blocking your receptors... just be sure that if you want to continue on your subs take them within 36 hours of your last dose of subs...

You won't go into withdrawal taking opiates after you have been on subs. Don't listen to these fools.. plus half of them aren't listening to you, they think you are wanting to take subs after opiates.. please people read the question properly, don't just read what you think you see. Also stop giving false answers.

Yes.. wait until you're in full withdrawal to start suboxone, not just mental ie.. anxiety.. but full like the poops, skin crawling, full on sweats. If it's just mental, anxiety, crying, you think you're freaking out... Take a kpin, xanax, valium, ativan... it will help. They even help with full withdrawal.

But taking opiates after being straight on subs NO YOU WON'T GET SICK... you'll just water your money. Get educated people before you try to help. I've been to too many detox programs and I know the drill. Good luck kids!

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doggy Says:

Those who take pills recreationally, you are the people that make people who need meds f****d up. You do not TAKE THESE PILLS TO FEEL HIGH, YOU TAKE THEM FOR PAIN. THIS IS WHY WE HAVE NO PAIN DRS.

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Digitalfatigue Says:

Re: doggy (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

I think you're totally wrong and out of line. Some people have problems with opioid addiction because they were prescribed to them by a doctor in the first place. I've been on Suboxone for 10 years and it's done nothing wrong to me whatsoever. Methadone makes your bones rotten, your teeth fall out and weight gain and everything. Suboxone does not do that and they help me with any type of craving, so don't sit there and s*** on somebody just because they're on medication or they need to take a certain medication to stop feeling sick, because if you haven't been there then you don't know nothing and being there only once or twice that's still not enough times so be quiet.

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Robert Says:

George, if you're on suboxone for addiction FOR as long as u have been, instead of being concerned about interactions why aren't u concerned about why u are trying to feel high? Your personal recovery program is probably not arresting your disease. I see it's been 4 yrs and I hope you're ok craving & mixing these combinations.

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Robert Says:

Re: Digitalfatigue (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

Doggy is not dogging the suboxone, he is dogging the fact that the guy posting was taking the methadone to feel high and not to help him with a pain or abuse issue. It's his intention that causes Dr and prescription issues. Peace to all the sick and suffering addicts whether u realize your one or not. Bless u all.

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Robert a maina Says:

Re: Bbgirl (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Yes, not the naloxone. It will block the effect and u get precipitated withdrawal when u take suboxone after u have taken other opiates first. Bbgirl, hope u understand. Be safe. Bless u.

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