Can I Really Buy Norco Online?

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Nina Says:
Is it possible and legal to buy norco online?

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raidergirl Says:
Norco wanted

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Verwon Says:
Norco contains the active ingredients Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone, also sold under the brand name Vicodin, this is a potent narcotic pain medication.

That said, if you have a prescription and go through an online pharmacy, then yes, it is perfectly legal to do so.

However, obtaining it without a prescription is illegal in the United States.

Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and constipation.

Read more:


Raidergirl, I'm sorry, this site does not sell nor prescribe any medications, this is an information only website.

Are there any questions?

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DizzyD Says:
For a real need and fast service over night shipping and pain free try xxxxxx or xxxxxx yes they have vic and oc. honest and reliable.

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Bob Says:
I had a total knee replacement 1 year ago. In addition I also just had arthroscopic surgery to only one of my shoulders. I could have done both, but even with my insurance the co-pays are expensive. My doctor currently prescribes Norco pain pills to me and he doles them out as he sees fit. I am looking for options to control my pain, but cannot seem to make it on what my doctor prescribes for me. I am a construction worker and my job is physical. I have seen sites on the internet where they say you can order pills such as Norco. I am interested in ordering some, but I dont what to do this if its illegal. Can someone please tell me if it is legal to purchase Norco on-line. If it is not, which I suspect it is not, does anyone have any suggestions on how I can legally purchase these pills. I have thought of seeing another doctor, but I like my doctor and dont really want another one. I am just looking for a way to control my pain a little better than it currently is being done.

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Lizzy Says:
Hi DizzyD,
Where is a reliable and honest place to buy on the internet? all it listed was xxxxxxx

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Lonnie Says:
via mobile
If I buy norco online will it be sent after I pay for it or is this all a scam?

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PMY006 Says:

Can you send me the info on a reliable place to find Norco online? In your post the info was X'd out. I am in between dr's waiting for insurance to be active but have chronic back pain from a failed lumbar surgery. Thanks.

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mike Says:
via mobile
Looking for norco 10/325 miligrams..and zanax 2 miligrams bars

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SistaHurtzAlot Says:
just clicked in, need to know who xxxxxx is and how to go about order. pretty tired of going broke to keep working...

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JoD DEA Says:
As for purchasing controlled substances online from other country than USA is illegal. You can purchase these drugs in the USA but it requires a legal valid prescription from a licensed physician. In the 90's, an addict could actually obtain narcotics from unscrupulous doctors and pharmacies. They made millions very quickly but after the DEA and state legislatures caught up with laws, all of these criminals were shut down. There is NO reliable way to obtain any narcotics from overseas(including Mexico). There IS one certainty-you will loose your money 100% of the time. Then what will you do? Call the police and say "I tried to buy narcotics illegally , will you help me? You can be sure they will help you-right into a jail cell. 98% of web sites that claim to get narcotics online are actually scammers that do not sell meds but sell you an outdated list of overseas pharmacies, for a monthly fee..90% of their list is wrong and outdated. BTW, one person on this thread ask how to get norco and xanax.. These are known as the trinity of death in the addiction field. Add alcohol to these two and you have a certain formula for death and it takes very suprisingly small amounts of each to be found ready for the long dirt nap.

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Alex Says:

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Kim Says:
I am interested in purchasing some norcos. I live in Visalia CA

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CMLex Says:
Looking for Norco 10/325

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luvglobes Says:
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I am toooo!!!!

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CMLex Says:
I live in Costa Mesa. Am looking for Norco 10/325

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scoliosis Says:
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need more info

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bulging discs Says:
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need more details and how this would be safe

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Joe Says:
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Wer all the yellows @

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sara Says:
via mobile
Bob-its probably time to discuss an extended release add-on with him.

Norco works for break thru pain. You seem to need full time relief.

You may have to go to pain management to get an extended release 12 hour dose of something.

Your Norco will last longer and you won't have this resentment with your doc.

They are usually limited to 4 Norco a day-max.

Also, upgrade your insurance to the Anthem PPO option ASAP. With incentives, it's pretty cheap and your mess will be as well.

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Shans Says:
i know where to find norcos 10/325 :)

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