Can Being In The Sun Cause Feverishness

ameeta Says:

I had been walking in the sun almost 31 degree celsius for almost two hours yesterday. I had sun-cap on actually. The day before yesterday to I drove in the sun (two wheeler) of half an hour with scarf on. Usually I never venture out in direct sun. Since yesterday evening I am feeling feverish with a temperature between 98.6 and 99 degree. I took paracetamol which brought down the temperature to 98.1 yesterday night. This morning it was 98.6 again... I took paracetamol and it came down till 98.3. Then I walked for sometime and walked up 12 floors which caused sweating and temperature came down to 97.9. Now its again up to 98.7. I don't have any other symptoms of cold or cough etc. Why am I feeling feverish? Is something seriously wrong? Does exercise like walking up stairs and sweating to reduce temperature correct it? There is a very slight headache too.

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