Can I Still Shoot A Op Oxycotton

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I have a 80 op I want to take it but not loose the medicine or affect.

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Verwon Says:
Oxycontin OP cannot be crush, chewed or broken down. If someone tries, it basically turns into a gummy goo, that is supposed to only dissolve in stomach acid and retain its time released properties.

Side effects remain the same: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and dry mouth.


Are there any questions?

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A-dam Says:
I dont know why ppl say's you can shoot them. You cant shoot them. How do you get the coating off because when you lick it, it starts jelling up.

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???? Says:
u deff can shoot them watchd people do it {edited for safety} They need to just make the real ones cuz kids are all doing herion now thanks purdue u f***d up a nuff lives now more

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Tony Says:
That does not work i try'd and it was deff a no go...

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Krista W Says:
Just got prescribed the op 40s and i want to know how to take them i would like the know the whole process so i dont f*** it up. theres no way in hell im gonna pop it i need to feel quick relief! please help me!

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taz Says:
I want to take the new Op 20mg, I only have few and afraid I won't take them correctly. How do I do this? I'm sick need quick relief. please someone help me.

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sprinkles Says:
so the pyrex bowl oven technique is the best?????

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Kernalcorn Says:
I was told you should put in microwave and then freeze? This was told to me by idots whom smoke them!
What is our world coming to?

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t-rey Says:
ok look all that freezer and oven and microwave bulls*** is a waste of time yea it may work eventually but im not trying to do a science expierment {edited for safety} your gunna have to do it a couple times but i do this everyday and it works like a charm

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cornbark Says:
WOw t-rey and others who shared that simple method. its amazing how something so simple it over looked by most people but thanks for the help {edited for safety}

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fasted Says:
Yeah thanks works great...just experienced wasn't the immediate relief i was expecting from a 40 but think its more effective then just taking orally

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coralguy Says:
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Does the rubbing alcohol way work? Or what about lemon juice?

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Giginski Says:
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All this nonsense of putting in oven & blah blah blah seems like way too much work. Just swallow it & wait 20-30 minutes & voila, you have the desired effect. Believe me, I'm a junkie, but all that nonsense seems ridiculous & a waste of time.

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